Strain 101: OG Kush

We talked about it a little bit in our hybrids blog but in this post we’re going to dig into what OG Kush is and where it came from.   The mystery of cannabis history Cannabis has probably been travelling the planet for as long as humans have or maybe even longer, so we may … Read more

Bundling Up The Strains

Are you an Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or CBD person? No matter what your go-to is or what you’ve been wanting to try, we have some bundle suggestions for all the strains so you’re ready for the week or weekend ahead! All of the products listed below can be found at our Hunny Pot locations and … Read more

How to Properly Store Cannabis

how to properly store weed

So fresh and so green As cannabis companies continue to produce products in larger quantities, you may be noticing that the plastic bottles and foil envelopes they come in don’t really do the best job at maintaining the freshness of the product once the seal has been broken. Or maybe you just pulled in your … Read more

Keeping Our Community Warm This Winter

The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. is having a COAT DRIVE for the months of November & December! So…It’s time to clean out that closet to find gently used coats, or pass along some new gear – And in exchange for a coat, customers will receive a coupon that includes a code for 20% off their … Read more

Terpene Breakdown: Pinene

Cannabis terpene: pinene

This monoterpene is one of the most common worldwide and is responsible for the smell of pine needles. It can be found in conifer trees, rosemary, basil, parsley, and dill. Pinene is also found in essential oils like camphor.    Camphor oil is extracted from the wood of camphor trees (think evergreens). Camphor is also … Read more

Strain 101: Hindu Kush

kush mountains; kush cannabis strain information

What is it? Hindu Kush is one of the oldest strains we have on record right now. Named after a mountain range that runs between Pakistan and Afghanistan, this strain was most frequently used to make hash by beating the plants together to knock off the trichomes and rolling them together by hand. Where did … Read more

Are Cannabis Clinics Legit?

Looking for a solution Occasionally we get customers coming into the store asking for medical advice. As much as we consider ourselves cannaisseurs and would love to help, we’re not medical professionals. Regulations also prevent us from discussing any medical topics because we are not doctors. If you’ve reached out to our LiveChat with a … Read more

Indica, Sativa, & Hybrid Explained

If you’re new to cannabis it can be overwhelming, there are a ton of terms and a lot of important information to navigate through. It’s our mission at The Hunny Pot to educate about cannabis in an easy-to-digest way. In this blog we are going to simply break down the different types of cannabis plants … Read more

Terpene Breakdown : Limonene

lemon flavour of terpene limonene in cannabis

Named after the French word for lemon, “limon”, limonene is the monoterpene found in citrusy fruit peels like orange, lemon, lime, and the like. This terpene is commonly found in several species of trees: red and silver maple, cottonwoods, aspens, sumac, spruce, pines, firs, hemlocks, cedars, juniper and, of course, cannabis.   It’s most common … Read more

Strain 101: Harlequin

More balanced than a bird of prey We always recommend that people new to cannabis start their journey with CBD products. Generally for most users, CBD is the mildest cannabis experience; fewer noticeable effects while making things more manageable. Certain cannabis strains can contain balanced amounts of both THC and CBD. As the CBD level goes … Read more

Wrapping up Bee Season

That’s a wrap on the beekeeping season! Literally. We just wrapped up our hives. The season sure flew by but it was a great season nonetheless. Today was Alvéole’s final visit for the year, though the hive will stay onsite all winter long. The hive was wrapped in a flexible insulating material to help maintain a warm … Read more

Terpene Breakdown: Caryophyllene

Terpene: Caryophyllene gives peppery scent

Caryophyllene is one of the most common sesquiterpenes produced in cannabis, responsible for the peppery scent and that tickle in your nose when you smoke it. If you ever smoke a cartridge containing botanically sourced caryophyllene it could have been extracted from cloves, hops, basil, oregano, black pepper, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon or ylang-ylang to name … Read more

How to Cook with Cannabis

cooking with cannabis

If you’re new to cannabis you can be forgiven for not knowing Legalization Day is upon us. For the rest of us, we remember how fun this celebration was last year and are now thinking about how we can safely celebrate in a much smaller, socially distanced way. One idea? Use the cooking and baking … Read more

Strain 101: Pink Kush

Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush

What is Pink Kush? If you’re a fan of indica and have purchased cannabis in Toronto in the last decade, chances are you’ve heard of Pink Kush. Right up there with DBubba as one of the heaviest, most popular indicas. It has an unmistakable “kushy” aroma; some describe it as piney/citrusy, some say it’s earthy/peppery, … Read more

The Endocannabinoid System

endocannabinoid system

Endocannaba-what? Even most common smokers have probably never even heard about the Endocannabinoid system and what it does. We are all born with one but what does it have to do with cannabis?   We all have an amalgamation of different systems working away inside us constantly, regulating needs and emotions and senses, etc. Each … Read more

How to Read Cannabis Labels

Potency and warnings and branding, oh my! Even during the excitement of legalization launch, consumers were put off by the overwhelming amount of labelling on their cannabis products. Regulations insisted on including all relevant safety warnings and information, the product name, information and potency, and, of course, the LPs (licensed producers) wanted their branding on … Read more

Hash 101

Although hash has been around for many, many years, it is a newer Cannabis 2.0 product at The Hunny Pot and many people are seeing it for the first time. To help you understand the differences between 2.0 products a little better, here is everything you need to know about hash!   How Is Hash … Read more

Harvesting Our Hive’s Honey

bees from The Hunny Pot urban beehive

Harvest season is upon us and this time of year is a busy one for beekeepers and the bees! The advent of fall has us all preparing for cooler days ahead and the bees are no exception! So what does that mean for our urban beehives?   All the honey has been harvested! To harvest … Read more

Cannabis 2.0 – What Is It?

Cannabis Beverages

It’s been almost a year since the launch of Cannabis 2.0 on October 17, 2019 and we have come a long way since then. But to understand how far we’ve come, you need to know where we started.   Low and slow Just like how anyone new to cannabis should start low and slow and … Read more

Cooking with Cannabis: Creamy Avocado Mousse

At some point in our stoner careers, most of us have probably had an experience, good or bad, with the classic “special brownies”. Whether infusing your own butter or oil, or just throwing together a quick firecracker, edible cannabis can be a very unique experience for people.   When you smoke cannabis, it enters your … Read more

What is a Budtender?

Budtenders behind the register at The Hunny Pot

You’ve heard the word budtender and you know they’re the ones who staff the stores, but do you know all they’re capable of? A budtender is your cannabis concierge. Not sure what you want; interested in trying something new but don’t know enough to choose; interested in the nitty gritty science behind your fave product? … Read more

The Entourage Effect Explained

You’ve probably heard of the two main cannabinoids in cannabis – THC and CBD. But scientists have discovered many more cannabinoids in the plant and are only just beginning to dig into their effects, if any. And with all those cannabinoids paired with all those terpenes, the question arises, is it simply a matter of … Read more

Strain 101: What Does Strain Mean?

What’s in a name? People tend to put a lot of credence into the naming conventions used for cannabis. Like everything else in our lives, we expect a certain level of consistency and legitimacy in the branding for products we use every day. But can cannabis currently be held to the same standards as a … Read more

Milton…We Are Coming Soon!

Milton…something sweet is on its way!    The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., a Toronto-based retail-focused cannabis corporation, is proud to announce the expansion of the brand, making its way into Milton.    The Hunny Pot gained notoriety when it opened its first location in Toronto on April 1, 2019 and became the first- ever legal … Read more

Cannabis Topicals Explained

Cannabis Topicals & Cannabis Creams

As with any form of cannabis, there are many factors to consider before using topical cannabis, including the potency of the product. Here’s what you need to know before trying cannabis topicals.   Although topicals have been slow with coming to the Canadian legal recreational market, there’s a good amount of variety of CBD topicals, … Read more

The Hunny Pot X Alvéole

Alvéole Bee-Keeping & The Hunny Pot Toronto

The Hunny Pot is taking thousands of bees under its wing! We’re proud to take part in the movement for a more eco-conscious city by installing two beehives on the roof of our 202 Queen Street West location on June 8th.    Our thousands of new colleagues will pollinate the urban flora that surrounds us … Read more

Grand Opening: 2103 Yonge Street!

Today is the day. We opened the doors to our FOURTH Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. store, located at 2103 Yonge Street, Toronto!   We want you to know that we are open for all of your cannabis needs, but celebrating doesn’t feel right this time around in our current environment. We are lucky to have … Read more

What does Full-Spectrum Mean?

Simply put, full-spectrum means that an oil or product contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, but let’s get right into it!   Definition; A cannabis concentrate produced that preserves the full cannabinoid and terpene contents of the raw cannabis plant. The goal of a full-spectrum extract is to maintain … Read more

Grand Opening: 2591 Yonge Street!

Buds, the time is here! We have been hard at work and Midtown is about to get a little more sweet. We are opening our THIRD Hunny Pot retail location at 2591 Yonge Street this Saturday, May 9th.    This grand opening will be a little bit different than the others, but we’ve figured out … Read more

All About Terpenes

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are the essential oils of a plant. They give cannabis its vast range of flavours and aromas such as pine, citrus and musk.   But in addition to stimulating the senses, terpenes could also play an important role in what researchers call “the entourage effect.” The idea is that the effects of a strain … Read more

Tips for Celebrating 420 Indoors!

This year we were gifted with an entire month of 420 (one positive thing about 2020 *eye roll emoji*), but instead of Torontarians gathering at Nathan Phillips square on April 20th to celebrate cannabis culture and sesh with other cannabis enthusiasts, we must get creative with our celebrations!   Let’s face it, stoners and cannabis … Read more

Curbside Pickup is Here!

Curbside Pickup Cannabis Dispensary

It has been a crazy week for the cannabis industry. Last Friday on April 3rd cannabis retailers found out they had to close their doors the following day (Saturday) by 11:59 pm, and that the OCS would be the sole legal available option for Ontarians to purchase cannabis from. Being removed from the essential list … Read more

Self-Care and Staying Indoors

Haven’t the last few months been a wild ride? It’s as if we collectively, are all experiencing a ‘down’ or a ‘low point’. Uncertainty has a funny way of playing tricks on you, and we’re not sure any of us really know what is going on. But one thing that we are sure of, is … Read more

A Year in Review

One Year Anniversary of Toronto's First Legal Cannabis Store

It was April 1, 2019, and Toronto’s very first cannabis store, The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. opened its doors for the first time. What happened over the course of the next year, no one could have predicted, but it sure has been a wild ride.   Today, The Hunny Pot turns one! It’s been one … Read more

Cannabis & Yoga

Cannabis has been used alongside yoga and meditation for quite some time. The practice is used for many reasons, from concentration to religious ritual. For some, combining the two can lead to heightened meditation practice. Cannabis affects everyone differently so, consider Indica strains when you first begin to combining cannabis and meditation. Here are some … Read more

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