Nov 17, 2020

Bundling Up The Strains

Are you an Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or CBD person? No matter what your go-to is or what you’ve been wanting to try, we have some bundle suggestions for all the strains so you’re ready for the week or weekend ahead! All of the products listed below can be found at our Hunny Pot locations and can be pre-ordered online or purchased in-store! 



Flower | Truro: A-Mint

Edible | Aurora Drift: Grape Oasis Soft Chews 

Cartridge | Kolab: Indica 510 Cartridge 

Accessory | Hunny Pot: 510 Battery 

Hunny Pot 510 Cannabis Battery


Flower | Color Cannabis: Pedro’s Sweet Sativa

Concentrates | San Rafael ’71: OG Chemdawg Live Resin 

Edible | Wana: Mango Sour Soft Chews  

Accessory | Hunny Pot Papers 

Wana Cannabis Edibles


Pre-Rolls | Muskoka Grown: 2x Glueberry OG Pre-Rolls 

Tinctures | Redecan Reign 30:0

Beverage | TGOD: Happy Hibiscus Mate Whole Leaf Tea  

Accessory | Hunny Pot Doob Tube 

Muskoka Grown - 2-Pack Glueberry OG Pre-Rolls


Pre-Rolls | Ace Valley: 3x CBD Pre-Rolls 

Edible | Chowie Wowie: Dark Chocolate CBD

Beverage | Everie: Mango Passionfruit CBD Sparkling Water  

Accessory | Hunny Pot Toque (for when you’re smoking the pre-roll outside…) 

Everie - Mango Passionfruit CBD Sparkling Water - can

*All of these items are sold separately*

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