About The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co.

We are an independently owned & operated cannabis retail company, and proud to be Toronto’s very first legal cannabis store, opening our flagship location on Queen Street West April 1st, 2019. Over the last year we skipped hibernation and have been busy expanding The Hunny Pot footprint, opening 5 new locations in 2020. You can find The Hunny Pot in Hamilton, Burlington, and Toronto… for now.

We welcome you to our safe and beautifully designed stores, a place for cannabis new-bees and experts alike. At The Hunny Pot, you will find the answers to your burning questions from our knowledgeable budtenders, and the right cannabis products to fit your life. The Pot is full of your favourite cannabis strains from talented Licensed Producers across Canada; it's brimming with sensory jars for your enjoyment, a well-curated cannabis menu to pick from, and a variety of sweet cannabis accessories.

When you visit a Hunny Pot store you can opt to be paired with one of our enlightened Budtenders for a 1:1 complete experience, or you can proceed with our fast order system. Everyone says they have the best staff, but we really do. The atmosphere is undeniable, and our customer experience is unparalleled. Stay a little, or stay awhile, we want you to leave completely satisfied and as one of our buds.

In homage to a busy hive, The Hunny Pot is creating something sweet! It's our mission to enrich lives and cultivate a positive footprint as we grow and rewrite the narrative surrounding cannabis. It is our purpose to educate about cannabis, offer high-quality cannabis products and accessories, and to provide an unparalleled customer experience to all who enter a Hunny Pot location.