Jun 19, 2020

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dope Dads Out There!

The Hunny Pot would like to wish all of the dope dads out there a Happy Fathers day! With one day dedicated to all the great dads a year, we want to help make sure it is extra special. If your dad is tough to shop for look no further, we’ve created a small gift list that will surely have something to make your cannabis loving dad happy, too!


1.  Grav – 8″ Gandalf Hand Pipe

GRAV Glass Pipe For Cannabis

2. Zippo – Hunny Pot Lighter

Zippo Lighter With Hunny Pot Logo

3. Hunny Pot – Dad Hat (how fitting!)

The Dad Hat - The Hunny Pot Merch


4. Puffingtons – Pitch-n-Puff

Pitch & Puff Golf Smoke Set

5. 48North – Grandaddy Purple Pre-Rolls – 3 x 0.35g

48 North Cannabis - Granddaddy Purple Indica: 3 Pre-Rolls


We hope all the Dads out there have an enjoy-a-bowl Fathers Day!


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