Nov 1, 2020

Are Cannabis Clinics Legit?

Looking for a solution

Occasionally we get customers coming into the store asking for medical advice. As much as we consider ourselves cannaisseurs and would love to help, we’re not medical professionals. Regulations also prevent us from discussing any medical topics because we are not doctors.

If you’ve reached out to our LiveChat with a medical question you may have received our standard disclaimer, “Unfortunately, since we are a strictly recreational store we are unable to give any medical or health related recommendations. The best thing to do would be to get in contact with your doctor or a medical prescription service that can get you a doctor, that way you can get a personalized script that matches your needs, this allows you to order directly from the licensed producers at a reduced cost and opens up a greater range of products.”

But what are these cannabis clinics? What do they do? How can they help? And are they legit?


My Doctor won’t prescribe cannabis

It’s very common for a customer to tell us that their doctor is not open to prescribing cannabis or even willing to discuss cannabis. We also understand that given the silly stigmas the canna-community is trying to shed itself of, some customers are just too nervous to let their family doctor know about their cannabis use for fear of judgement. This is where cannabis clinics come in!

These clinics are essentially middlemen, either employing their own doctors or building a network of doctors who are both open and knowledgeable about cannabis. Kind of like visiting a walk-in clinic when you can’t get in to see your usual doctor. You can go to the clinics, their networked doctors’ offices or even meet face to face in an online video chat.

The clinics do sometimes charge a fee, however, you are not paying for the license itself just for their services to put you in contact with an open-minded doctor. The doctor will assess your situation and respond accordingly, either with a prescription or a recommendation for other options.

Once you have a prescription, the next step is for your doctor to connect you with what’s called a Licensed Producer (LP). These LPs have separate medical wings that deal specifically with patients and you can order directly from their websites and have it delivered to you.


Buying locally

We are, of course, happy to provide you with any of the products we offer that match your prescription if you’d rather pop into your local Hunny Pot location. Heads up, if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, a budtender will not be able to prescribe or recommend any products that might achieve the same results as your medical prescription. We can, however, suggest some products that have similar potencies, delivery methods and pricing.

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