Apr 20, 2020

Tips for Celebrating 420 Indoors!

This year we were gifted with an entire month of 420 (one positive thing about 2020 *eye roll emoji*), but instead of Torontarians gathering at Nathan Phillips square on April 20th to celebrate cannabis culture and sesh with other cannabis enthusiasts, we must get creative with our celebrations!
Let’s face it, stoners and cannabis lovers are some of the most creative people out there. Don’t have papers, a pipe, or a smoking device? No problem. All you really need is a few items from around the house. Who remembers the old days and making a pipe from a water bottle and tin foil, or smoking from an apple? This is only proof that we’re resilient, unstoppable, and will always, somehow make things work.
So while we are all doing our part and staying indoors on this monumental 420, we’ve come up with a small list of different ways you can still celebrate properly. And remember, The Hunny Pot has you covered! We are offering curbside pickup and delivery, you can browse and shop our cannabis menu here.

5 Ways to Celebrate 420 Indoors

1. Virtual session
We bet that by now you’re no stranger to Face time, Zoom, Skype, *insert video platform here* hangouts! So, why not have a virtual sesh with some of your best buds?
2. Take your munchies up another level
This 420 when you’re celebrating indoors, you can think ahead and make sure you are ready with alllllllll the snacks. This is also a great opportunity to try something new – why not try and make some homemade edibles?
3. Play a game
Who doesn’t love games? Whether a board game, cards (or anything else), they’re even better after a little sesh – keep the giggles coming.
4. Watch a cult classic stoner movie
We already know that cannabis and movies are quite the perfect pairing, but on this holiday we suggest watching a cult classic, like Reefer Madness, Pineapple Express, or something you haven’t seen.
5. New smoking device
Let’s get nostalgic and bring it back to the old days, take a peek inside of your fridge and get creative! Check out The Yew Yew Shop for some inspiration, you will find her using a brussels sprout or even a sweet potato as a pipe.
We hope you get creative with your celebrations and have a 420 to remember. Tag us on Instagram @thehunnypotcannabisco and use #thehunnypot to show us what you come up with. Happy 420 to all of our buds! And remember, puff, puff, and please don’t pass!
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