Nov 12, 2020

How to Properly Store Cannabis

So fresh and so green

As cannabis companies continue to produce products in larger quantities, you may be noticing that the plastic bottles and foil envelopes they come in don’t really do the best job at maintaining the freshness of the product once the seal has been broken. Or maybe you just pulled in your croptober harvest and don’t know what you’re going to do with your year’s supply of bud. So what do you do? Read on 😉


Can dry flower be too dry

From the moment the plant is cut it starts evaporating moisture; when the water leaves the plant matter the cannabinoid and terpene containing oils will dry up and crumble off, losing their potency. You can better control this process using things like humidity boost packs or appropriate humidors; you can basically put it on pause with packaging techniques like nitrogen sealed tins; or by using extraction techniques like live resin and rosin.


The most popular method is a combination of humidity boost packs and mason jars. Generally, an entirely glass chamber and lid would be best, especially with a glass on glass seal similar to how bong bowls seal into the downstem, but mason jars or any similar product do a decent job. Throw a humidity boost pack in each one, burp them occasionally and open them up to release any excess moisture.


All that shimmers isn’t trichomes

Don’t store it in your fridge or freezer unless it’s in a vacuum sealed container otherwise moisture can get in and ruin it with freezer burn!


A temporary option to quickly rehydrate some really dry bud would be to use something like a raw hydrostone, or even a small piece of fruit. It’s very important with these options to only leave them a few hours max; too long and they can release too much moisture and ruin your bud. Try to use a fruit that matches the terpene profile; a piece of lemon peel for strains high in limonene like DT81, orange peel for something like tangerine dream, a wedge of apple is great for anything with terpinolene, the only limit is your imagination and the contents of your fridge. Remember to not leave the piece in for long! 


TL;DR: proper storage options

The Hunny Pot sells a variety of storage options if you want something ready to go, right now. The 420 Science stash jars are a customer fave. If stored properly in an oxygenless environment, away from UV light, at the right temperature, it might be possible to store cannabis for years, but eventually the THC will convert to CBN and the terpenes will evaporate so don’t expect any of your bud to last forever. 

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