The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Glueberry OG Strain Review

Jul 7, 2020

Strain Review: Glueberry OG

Reviewed by Russ at The Hunny Pot Toronto

This hybrid strain produced by Muskoka Grown is grown indoors in small batches and has a THC percentage of 18-24%. Each plan is hand-trimmed and hand-crafted. This needs to become the future standard. Legal Cannabis has finally come to Canada. This is what Cannabis is supposed to be. This is what Cannabis should be. I am now 100% Team Nitro. I have never been so hopeful for the future of legal Cannabis. Once there is more Strain variety, HQ prices in the $30s and ounce options available - We might finally see the scales tip.

Brand Name: Muskoka Grown

Strain Name: Glueberry OG

Strain Category: Hybrid

Method of Consumption: Vaporizer

Would you buy again?: YES



Absolutely plastered in trichomes. No purples or blues or blacks, barely even any orange. Just a nice traditional green bud overflowing with crystals.

Gotta love a HQ with no shake, kudos to whoever packed my jar.

Glueberry OG - Muskoka Grown

CURE (5 / 5)


Freshest thing I’ve ever had from any LP, still squishy, still sticky. Nitrogen packaging has opened up a whole other world. If they start making these in larger bottles, home rosin pressing LP Cannabis might actually become a thing.

This is absolutely incredible and needs to become the future standard.


FLAVOUR (5 / 5)

 I was actually hesitant on this one because I’m really not the biggest fan of blueberry strains, but I’ve just been blown away, this was an enjoyable experience every step of the way. It didn’t have just one flavor, it had an entire buffet of bouquet.

Just wow. the first pull off a vape is so full of flavor, so much profile, really brings out a lingering Acai berry flavor, reminds me of drinking a booster juice smoothie, there are afternotes of some sort of spice maybe (maybe that’s where the kush genetics are hiding), there’s just so much going on, it’s so alive.

The second pull starts cooking it and turns the berry flavor into more of a warmer banana. Fruity but reminiscent of fresh baked banana bread, still so fruity and delicious, not really a specific berry, just an overall fruity deliciousness.


AROMA (5 / 5)


Smells more like a glue strain than a blueberry strain at first, no hint of the OG Kush in it’s lineage. There is a fainter hint of berry after grinding but the glue smell is so much fuller and wetter.


EFFECTS (5 / 5)


 I was so distracted by the flavor I didnt even notice the effects come creeping in from the back of my head till I was about to take the third pull.

I smoke the 80+% carts all the time but they have nothing on the Full Spectrum punch this stuff packs. I have a huge tolerance but I got so high I could feel my tongue in my mouth.

Straight up “They’re called fingers but I never see them Fing” – High.

Bowls not even half cooked after 3 intense pulls on it but I’m already so toasted I need a break


PS…Wondering what is Nitrogen Packaging?


Glueberry OG - Muskoka Grown

The problem with storing Cannabis for long periods of time is that from the moment it is cut from the plant, Cannabis is evaporating water. Since we can’t smoke wet buds straight from the plant this is a good thing, we want it to evaporate, what we don’t want is for it to evaporate too fast and too far.

Every molecule of water that leaves the plant can bring Terpenes and Cannabinoids along with it, lose too much and even with a boveda pack you aren’t going to get those other compounds back, you’re just watering down whatever terps still remain.

With Nitrogen Packaging, the growers are giving it a nice slow cure in a humidity controlled setting till it’s at the perfect smokeable/vapeable moisture level. As soon as they are happy with it they essentially freeze it in time by injecting Nitrogen gas into the tin before sealing it. This forces out any oxygen that might try to separate the remaining moisture from the bud.

Now when you peel open that tin, your Cannabis is not a drop dryer than the moment it was sealed in the tin.

Why didn’t everyone do this from the start you ask? I’d love to know the answer to that too.

Why aren’t they all making the switch over right now? They’d better be.


Total Score: 25/25

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