Apr 26, 2020

All About Terpenes

Terpenes are the essential oils of a plant. They give cannabis its vast range of flavours and aromas such as pine, citrus and musk.


But in addition to stimulating the senses, terpenes could also play an important role in what researchers call “the entourage effect.” The idea is that the effects of a strain depend not just on THC content, but also on its synergy with other cannabinoids such as CBD, along with its terpenoid profile.


Because of this, some medical consumers and connoisseurs are paying more attention to the terpenoid profiles of a strain as part of the selection process. They may look for strains with high levels of myrcene, for example, because they find them more agreeable.


Early research shows terpenes, which are also found in myriad non-cannabis plants, can impact physical and mental well-being. Each harvest will produce variations on its potential cannabinoid and terpene profiles.


Terpene scents can range from peppery, earthy and woodsy; found more commonly in Indica-dominant strains, to floral and fruity; found more commonly in Sativa-dominant strains. 


Common Terpenes




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