Oct 4, 2020

What is a Budtender?

You’ve heard the word budtender and you know they’re the ones who staff the stores, but do you know all they’re capable of? A budtender is your cannabis concierge. Not sure what you want; interested in trying something new but don’t know enough to choose; interested in the nitty gritty science behind your fave product? Your budtender can help!


At The Hunny Pot, our budtenders serve all members of the public who are over the age of 19 (and not intoxicated). No need to be a Canadian citizen, a medical patient, or even a registered member. However, creating a customer account has benefits – using a profile can help you map your cannabis journey and allow your budtender to make suggestions for you quicker and, in our case, will enable you to receive great email promotions.


So what can a budtender help you with?

Our budtenders are all trained in the intricacies of the cannabis experience and build a network of knowledge – trading amongst themselves – to share product reviews and anecdotes from our customers. This allows us to curate the best customer experience in the market so when you come in, you can just ask your budtender “What’s good?” for an easy, informed visit.


Generally, budtenders ask you 3 main questions to help narrow down your choices:

  • What kind
  • How much
  • How strong


What kind:

Are you looking to smoke or eat? Do you prefer THC or CBD or possibly CBG or CBN? Do you want it in a pre roll or on it’s own? Are you more of a sativa or indica fan? Will you be needing any accessories to go with it?


How much:

Do you just want 1 gram of flower? A 5 pack of pre rolls? 5 soft chews?


How strong:

How is your tolerance? Do you smoke every day? Once a week? Once a month?


Another thing we always suggest is keeping an experience log. Keep track of all the product information, how it affected you, things like how long it took to take effect and how long the effect lasted, the taste and smell profile of the bud before and after smoking it, the methods of consumption you used, as well as a background of your day and the mood you were in when you went into it. This way the next time you are in your budtender can help to further customize your next strain choice.


Not a replacement for medical professionals

One thing to remember though is that we are a recreational store; as much as we would love to be able to help with issues like pain management, insomnia aids, anxiety, surgery recovery, appetite boosters or anything medically related, unfortunately, we are unable to give any medical or health related recommendations. If medical use is your intention, we recommend contacting your doctor or a medical prescription service and getting a personalized prescription that matches your needs. Getting a prescription means you can order directly from the licensed producers at a reduced cost and opens up a greater range of products! That said, you can of course bring your prescription into our store to see if we carry what you need.


All of our budtenders go through our bespoke staff training that goes well above the Cannsell to ensure they will always have the answers to any questions you might have.

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