Nov 5, 2020

Why Gift Cards Are The Best Gift…Especially a Hunny Pot One!

With the holiday season fast approaching everyone is in need of some gift ideas. Have a friend or family members who enjoy consuming cannabis or want to start consuming cannabis? We’ve got an easy one for you. Can you guess it? 

If you’ve guessed a Hunny Pot gift card, well… YOU’RE RIGHT! (ha ha) 


Here Are 4 Reasons Why Gift Cards are the Best Gift:


1. They Choose What They Want

We all love to shop. Normally we know in advance what we want to buy; it is just a matter of having the funds to do so. Being able to pick your own gift is [low key] what everyone wants to do and by giving a gift card you’re not being unoriginal, you’re actually being more thoughtful. 


2. They Can Spend it When They Want 

Cannabis has its prime time for use. So, instead of gifting straight flower, pre-rolls or edibles for someone to feel they may need to enjoy right away, a gift card allows them to head to The Hunny Pot when they want. Getting to enjoy that fresh flower and sweet sweet chocolate when they are ready! 


3. They Can Go Toward a More Expensive Gift 

Gift cards are perfect because they deliver the same flexibility of cash and can be combined to buy a more expensive gift that the person may want. Maybe they are in need of a Krush Carrara Rolling Tray or want to pick up a Pax 3 Complete Kit; giving them the few extra dollars they need to complete that wish list purchase will allow them to do just that! 


4. Avoid Getting Something They Already Have

We’ve all received gifts that we already have a few times. A gift card will prevent buying a duplicate item for your friends and family members and you get to avoid those awkward moments. 


Now that we’ve sold you on picking up the perfect gift [a.k.a a Hunny Pot gift card] for any one of your friends & family…you can purchase a gift card from any one of our locations today!


Pro tip: While you’re there, get a bunch of gift cards with smaller amounts, too. This way you’ll have something on hand for all those last minute situations like needing a gift for the person hosting a holiday meal or when your coworker shows up with gifts for all – even though no one agreed to an exchange – you’ve got it covered!

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