Oct 22, 2020

Strain 101: Jean Guy

No, it’s not Denim Man, this French-Canadian strain is actually pronounced “jhawn ghee”. Thanks to prohibition, the etymology (the origin/history of a word) of most strain names will always remain a mystery. But who doesn’t like to hear a juicy rumour?


The rumor for this one: a member of a Montreal Compassion Club donated a tray of clone plants he grew outside – that he claimed were white widow. These donated plants were grown into mothers and clones and cut and distributed by the club. Prior to distribution, when asked to come up with a name for the plant, the club just went with the most French sounding name they could think of. Can you think of anything more French-Canadian than making poutine infused with Jean Guy? Nope. 


As far as we know, it’s not named after a specific person. Jean Guy is a Canadian strain with a unique history, and aroma of wood and citrus. You can find this offering from brands like 7Acres and Sugarleaf, Canaca, Good Supply, Riff, and in oil form from KKE. Checkout The Hunny Pot’s menus to find a Jean Guy product near you – let us know your faves!

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