Strain Review: Outlaw Live Rosin

Appearance (4 / 5)   The packaging is really neat, the glob itself sits on a glass base (glass is best when storing concentrates as the oils can eventually corrode things like silicone, wax paper, plastic, etc) and has a childproof plastic lid that pops on sort of like the OGEN flower packaging, squeeze the … Read more

Niagara…We Are Just About Ready For You!

Niagara…we are a week away from opening our doors to you…well, only curbside & delivery to start!    The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., a Toronto-based retail-focused cannabis corporation, is proud to announce the expansion of the brand, making its way into Niagara    The Hunny Pot gained notoriety when it opened its first location in … Read more

Burlington: Our 2nd Store Is On Its Way!

Hunny Pot Burlington

As we pursue expansion, we look forward to the continued growth of our brand and team across Ontario.   Thank you insauga for the article regarding our 2nd Burlington location, that you will soon be able to find at 2000 Appleby Line!   Take a look at the piece here:

Edibles That Are HOT Right Now! 🔥

  It’s been just over a year since Cannabis 2.0 products have been inside our store & we’ve loved all of them that have come our way!    As the OCS [Ontario Cannabis Store] defines it, “Edible cannabis products are foods and drinks, such as brownies or beverages, that have been infused with cannabis extracts, … Read more

Terpene Breakdown: Terpinolene

Found in countless of cannabis strains, Terpinolene is normally present in only small amounts. Terpinolene plays a dominant role in defining the taste & smell of many cannabis strains, including the popular Jean Guy, White Widow, and Jack Haze. Terpinolene’s aroma is more multidimensional than some other cannabis terpenes. Linalool smells like flowers. Limonene smells … Read more

Love Candles? Yup, Us Too!

The newest item to The Hunny Pot Collection are our 14oz Soy Candles. Take a look at the 5 delicious scents we have available below!    Eucalyptus        Part of our exclusive Hunny Pot Candle Collection, this 14oz hand-poured jar candle is made from 100% Soy Wax using high quality fragrances. Instead of bringing … Read more

Strain 101: Outlaw Haze

Outlaw Haze is a Sativa THC-dominant strain. The flower is light green, with heavy, dusty trichome production. When smoking this strain you may detect undertones of floral and pine, along with a slight peppery flavour. This flower packs a punch with every puff!    Terpene Profile: Farnasene Humulene Limonene Myrcene Trans-Caryophyllene   THC Percentage  20.00 … Read more

NOW OPEN: Hunny Pot Milton

Today is the day. We opened the doors to our SEVENTH Hunny Pot Cannabis store, located at 101 James Snow Pkwy N in Milton!    We want you to know that we are open for all of your cannabis needs. We remain lucky to have this opportunity and want to thank you for your continued … Read more

Netflix & Cannabis: What To Watch

Cannabis, TV, Hunny Pot

If you love cannabis, are curious about cannabis , just want to get educated on cannabis or just want to have a good laugh, we’ve got some shows and/or movies for you to watch on Netflix!    Disjointed Cannabis legend Ruth Whitefeather Feldman employs her newly graduated son and a team of young “budtenders” to … Read more

Topicals: Here Are Our Top Five

Topicals are cannabis-infused products that are intended to be applied to skin, hair or nails. Infused through the bloodstream, most products do not cause intoxication or psychoactive effects and allow you to feel the therapeutic effects of cannabis without smoking or vaping. Examples of these products include lotions, balms and soaps.   At The Hunny … Read more

Strain Review: White Wedding

I was very excited to grab some Msiku after their brand launched in Ontario, they are half owned by the Mi’kmaq community and are pumping out some amazing high quality products for a pretty decent price compared to other high quality brands. I was torn between the White Wedding and the Gelatti but eventually went … Read more

Live Resin: What Is It?

What is Resin? As cannabis grows it produces an oil, that oil is what contains every part of the plant that we want to consume. We have no use for the actual plant matter itself, the leaf and stem is just carbon and when you burn and inhale it, it doesn’t get absorbed so you … Read more

Terpene Breakdown: Linalool

Terpene Breakdown Linalool

Linalool is a terpene that’s found in more than 200 plants and takes partial credit for the scent of Earl Grey tea and even some wines.   Lavender is the most dominant component of the cannabis terpene, Linalool. This terpene has a flower, spicy, and woody scent to it, with a light floral and tropical … Read more

How-To: Roll A Joint

How to roll a joint

Wondering how to roll a joint? Instead of us telling you, we are going to show you with these amazing video by Raw Papers!   If you don’t think you’ll ever be able to roll your own joint, we have some pretty useful tools at our stores to assist you with that.    … Read more

Strain 101: Sensi Star

Sensi Star Cannabis

Sensi Star is a classic, with roots back to the 90’s and beyond, so far back that no genetic history is known for this one and it’s original parents could possibly have been some uncultivated strains in the wild a hundred years ago for all we know. It’s usually called an indica but there are … Read more

Top 10 Hunny Pot Reviews

Since we’ve opened on April 1, 2019, we’ve received a total of 1,305 Google Reviews. Here are the TOP 10 reviews we have received from the beginning!    #1  All-around exemplary service! Even if there is lineups, they move so quickly due to amazing teamwork between the budtenders/staff. I’m THAT customer who has a ton … Read more

Strain 101: Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain

Without a doubt one of the tastiest sounding cannabis strains, Ice Cream Cake is a Dutch crossing of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake genetics. Usually this high quality hybrid comes in with a hefty THC potency but it’s biggest draw for most is probably the smell, reminiscent of sweet creamy vanilla it’s no wonder how … Read more

How To: Use Up Trim

Croptober is over! You watched your project go from a bucket of dirt to a thriving lush forest of green, and maybe some other colors. You fed and cared for them for weeks and months before finally chopping them down and giving them a haircut. But now you’re left with a pile of leaves and … Read more

Strain 101: Wedding Cake

Wedding Season Wedding cake is one of the newer genetics to reach the legal cannabis industry, coming first from Qwest in pre roll form, and appearing in the lineage of several other recent releases like True OG, Kush Cake, Ice Cream Cake, LA Kush Cake and just to name a few. An interesting marriage of … Read more

Terpene Breakdown: Humulene

Humulene Terpene

A Familiar Smell Humulene, also known as alpha-caryophyllene, is the primary sesquiterpene found in hops plants, and is responsible for the hoppy beer smell – The flavour notes that exist in Humulene are subtle earthy, woody, and spicy notes.  Also Found In Humulene can also be found in pine trees, orange orchards, marsh elders, tobacco … Read more

Strain 101: Grandaddy Purple

Great grand daddy   A sight to behold, Grand Daddy Purple (otherwise known as GDP), is one of the cooler looking genetics because it’s capable of presenting heavy deep purple coloring throughout the bud as it grows. It also has a very distinct aroma that can only be described as “purple”, like that purple marker … Read more

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Part 3

cannabis gift guide 2020 for weed lovers

Ok, final installment of the holiday gift guide coming at you. You know the drill, scroll for some awesome ideas on what to get that wonderful weed lover in your life or send this to your special someone as a list of what you’d like to receive this holiday season!   Today we’re listing all … Read more

Good, Better, Best for Cannabis Lovers

From basic to mid-point to luxe, these are impressive cannabis products at any price tag – also great to have on hand or to have as a gift for any upcoming occasion.    We’ve broken these down by the categories that you will find on our online menus!      FLOWER   GOOD Pure Sunfarms … Read more

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Part 2

cannabis gift guide 2020 for weed lovers

Hi! Welcome to the next installment of our 2020 holiday gift guide. Over the next couple weeks we will be posting gift guides to help you find items to suit your budget, fit the type of cannabis consumer in your life, and range from cool accessories to actual flower. Check out the items below and … Read more

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Part 1

cannabis gift guide 2020 for weed lovers

The holidays are here again and while they’re different for sure, there are some tried and true hallmarks of the season we can certainly continue to participate in. The most obvious one? Delighting your loved ones with that perfect gift that shows them you know them so well.    If you have a cannabis lover … Read more

Strain 101: OG Kush

We talked about it a little bit in our hybrids blog but in this post we’re going to dig into what OG Kush is and where it came from.   The mystery of cannabis history Cannabis has probably been travelling the planet for as long as humans have or maybe even longer, so we may … Read more

Bundling Up The Strains

Are you an Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or CBD person? No matter what your go-to is or what you’ve been wanting to try, we have some bundle suggestions for all the strains so you’re ready for the week or weekend ahead! All of the products listed below can be found at our Hunny Pot locations and … Read more

How to Properly Store Cannabis

how to properly store weed

So fresh and so green As cannabis companies continue to produce products in larger quantities, you may be noticing that the plastic bottles and foil envelopes they come in don’t really do the best job at maintaining the freshness of the product once the seal has been broken. Or maybe you just pulled in your … Read more

Keeping Our Community Warm This Winter

The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. is having a COAT DRIVE for the months of November & December! So…It’s time to clean out that closet to find gently used coats, or pass along some new gear – And in exchange for a coat, customers will receive a coupon that includes a code for 20% off their … Read more

Terpene Breakdown: Pinene

Cannabis terpene: pinene

This monoterpene is one of the most common worldwide and is responsible for the smell of pine needles. It can be found in conifer trees, rosemary, basil, parsley, and dill. Pinene is also found in essential oils like camphor.    Camphor oil is extracted from the wood of camphor trees (think evergreens). Camphor is also … Read more

Strain 101: Hindu Kush

kush mountains; kush cannabis strain information

What is it? Hindu Kush is one of the oldest strains we have on record right now. Named after a mountain range that runs between Pakistan and Afghanistan, this strain was most frequently used to make hash by beating the plants together to knock off the trichomes and rolling them together by hand. Where did … Read more

Are Cannabis Clinics Legit?

Looking for a solution Occasionally we get customers coming into the store asking for medical advice. As much as we consider ourselves cannaisseurs and would love to help, we’re not medical professionals. Regulations also prevent us from discussing any medical topics because we are not doctors. If you’ve reached out to our LiveChat with a … Read more

Indica, Sativa, & Hybrid Explained

If you’re new to cannabis it can be overwhelming, there are a ton of terms and a lot of important information to navigate through. It’s our mission at The Hunny Pot to educate about cannabis in an easy-to-digest way. In this blog we are going to simply break down the different types of cannabis plants … Read more

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