Mar 1, 2021

Netflix & Cannabis: What To Watch

If you love cannabis, are curious about cannabis , just want to get educated on cannabis or just want to have a good laugh, we’ve got some shows and/or movies for you to watch on Netflix! 



Cannabis legend Ruth Whitefeather Feldman employs her newly graduated son and a team of young “budtenders” to help run her Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. Logged in to Netflix on your computer? Watch it here


Grass is Greener

Grass Is Greener is a documentary film about cannabis, which premiered on Netflix on April 20, 2019 [ironic]. Grass is Greener follows hip hop legend Fab Five Freddy as he uncovers the history of illegal cannabis in the United States. He interviews many other popular artists, like Snoop Dogg and B-Real from Cypress Hill, as well as attorneys, influencers, and people who were personally affected by drug convictions.


Cooked with Cannabis

Cooked with Cannabis is a competitive cooking show where three chefs make cannabis infused meals for a chance to win $10,000. Co-hots Kelis and Leather Storrs judge the contestants with the assistance of their “best buds” who are guests on the show.


Pineapple Express

A process server and his marijuana dealer wind up on the run from hitmen and a corrupt police officer after he witnesses his dealer’s boss murder a competitor while trying to serve papers on him.

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