Jan 24, 2021

Strain 101: Sensi Star

Sensi Star is a classic, with roots back to the 90’s and beyond, so far back that no genetic history is known for this one and it’s original parents could possibly have been some uncultivated strains in the wild a hundred years ago for all we know. It’s usually called an indica but there are sativa leaning phenotypes and CBD dominant chemotypes of it developed over the years.

The winner of a few awards over the years (First place price at Highlife Cannabis Cup 1999, High Times Cannabis Cup 1999, Highlife Cannabis Cup 2004, Highlife Cannabis Cup 2010, and 2nd/3rd place about half a dozen times)has been bred extensively with other strains to produce hundreds of child strains like Bio-Diesel, Gold Star, Rockstar, Sensi Cheese, Neve, Shooting Star to name just a few.

This one is known to be slightly lemony and earthy but the terpene profile will change from batch to batch thanks to terroir. You can find this one from LPs like 7Acres, Spinach, Fireside, Acreage Pharms, Flowr, Namaste and even in oil form from KKE.

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