Jan 2, 2021

Cannabis : How Long Is It In Your System?

Ever wonder how long cannabis stays within your system is? If so, well this blog is for you!


Cannabis has quite a bit of staying power within your body – Just because the cannabinoids aren’t causing an effect anymore doesn’t mean they are gone!


Smoking and vaping cannabis brings the THC, CBD and other ingredients through your lungs and into your bloodstream where they do their job for up to 6 hours depending on your body chemistry, tolerance and experience. But once they are done doing their thing and the high is gone, traces can still be found in your body.


Using cannabis just once isn’t going to soak your body in cannabinoids so they will clear out a little bit faster but it can still take a few days. Heavy users that consume daily will saturate themselves though and can take up to a month, even three months before there would to be no cannabis discovered in a test.


There are several tests that exist like urine, blood, sweat and hair, each providing different windows for how long they are traceable for with blood and saliva being the quickest (1-2 days in infrequent users) and hair being the slowest (up to 3 months).


It’s a different story for edibles however, the THC breaks down in your liver and is converted to 11-OH-THC which has a much longer lasting effect, even up to 24 hours in rare cases. A very important thing to remember about edibles though is that the 11-OH-THC will then break down to 11-nor-9-carboxy-d9THC which has a much longer half life and can show up in your blood for far longer than THC does when inhaled.


There are a lot of cleanses and kits on the market that can be bought, and lots of myths and pseudoscience about the best way to get it out of you faster but the only guaranteed method is time.

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