Dec 8, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Part 3

Ok, final installment of the holiday gift guide coming at you. You know the drill, scroll for some awesome ideas on what to get that wonderful weed lover in your life or send this to your special someone as a list of what you’d like to receive this holiday season!


Today we’re listing all beautiful things, because cannabis is a beautiful thing, and because we all deserve to look at something pleasing while we get elevated. 


Grav 4″ Spoon Pipe

The GRAV Spoon takes a shape that’s popular for its large capacity and ease of use, and it’s made of scientific glass that feels and looks great. This pipe includes thoughtful details like the inverted ash catching mouthpiece, and comes in a wide range of gorgeous colors – like pink and lavender! *swoon* This is a sophisticated edition of the pipe we all know and love.

Cannabis gift guide pretty 4 inch pink spoon pipe


Big Leaf Pull-Out

This 14mm Big Leaf Pull-Out is small but mighty cute! Made of Borosilicate glass and handmade by Red Eye Glass, the number 1 distributor of hand made glass pipes in Canada. The translucent glass is naturally attractive and alluring; it’s also tasteless, odourless and doesn’t impart any other impurities into the smoke. This pull-out also comes in blue, green and yellow.

Cannabis gift guide pretty pink leaf pull out


Malua Concrete Jar with Walnut Lid

This BRNT jar is not only gorge but also super trendy. The Malua is the newest way to store your cannabis, in a sleek yet discrete container poured from concrete that looks good and feels good, too. The split-storage system allows you to keep your strains organized. One side is for your morning or afternoon cultivars and the other is for evening cultivars. The walnut lid is airtight and odour resistant. Sounds almost two good to be true!

Cannabis gift guide pretty concrete stash jar with bamboo lid


RYOT Acrylic Box with Matching Taster Bat

Available in an array of eye-catching acrylic blends, bamboo and rosewood options, but we’re swooning over this green and black combo! The RYOT Acrylic Box with Matching One Hitter features a lid and poker design that helps avoid spillage and stops unwanted smells from escaping. Compact, discreet, and portable, RYOT’s design makes smoking a relaxing, no-fuss experience. Remove your one hitter, pack it, take a puff, and empty it. It’s that easy. 

Cannabis gift guide pretty RYOT taster box with matching one hitter


Hunny Pot Dad Hat

This isn’t your average dad hat, it’s a THP dad hat. Significantly cooler, slightly faded, with a small gold metallic icon. Available in either black and white and has an adjustable strap in the back. How does one wear a dad hat? Just put it on your head. The key is that they aren’t supposed to match your look— that’s the beauty of dad hats. But when in doubt, you can pair with some dad shoes or a sweatshirt for a perfectly not-trying-too-hard look.

dad hat cannabis gift guide


Hunny Pot Sweater

Speaking of looks, check out our sweater; Canadian made with sustainably sourced bamboo & organic cotton! The THP logo is discreet on this unisex hoodie and the material is extra soft, machine washable, and complete with a kangaroo stash pocket. Available in sizes S-XL. Get one for yourself while you’re at it. Your new favourite sweater is waiting for you!

Cannabis gift guide Hunny Pot hoodie


Holidaze Greeting Cards

Complete your special cannabis gift with a holidaze card! There are 8 designs to choose from that all have a blank inside so you can write a personal message to your friend or loved one. And if you find yourself having a hard time picking, just get one of each! Each card comes with an envelope so you can easily mail your warm greetings to not-so-near friends and family, too.

Cannabis gift guide Hunny Pot holiday cards


Reminder: if you’re in the GTA you can order from The Hunny Pot and get free, same day delivery from now until December 20 and Hamilton/Halton friends, you can order free, same day delivery from now until the end of 2020! Shop local, get something for yourself too – you deserve it – and stay safe in your home. Happy gift giving!

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