Sep 30, 2021

Strain Review: Outlaw Live Rosin

Appearance (4 / 5)


The packaging is really neat, the glob itself sits on a glass base (glass is best when storing concentrates as the oils can eventually corrode things like silicone, wax paper, plastic, etc) and has a childproof plastic lid that pops on sort of like the OGEN flower packaging, squeeze the sides to open it.


The rosin is definitely a decent sized amount for the price, and prices will always continue to go down as time goes on, the first of anything on the market always charges a premium. This one has a nice light caramel color to it and has only separated a little bit – which was my fault for storing it at room temperature instead of in the fridge (it’s in the fridge now though!). The producer recommends “storing Avana Outlaw Live Rosin in the fridge and removing it a minimum of 30 minutes before opening to reduce condensation and bring the rosin to its truest representation at room temperature. “


One of the bigger edges the legal market has over the legacy market is concentrate production. Not having to worry about your facility getting raided means that LPs can invest in expensive equipment and highly trained scientists to come in and run their labs. That paired with the intense Health Canada oversight has led to a consistent level of high quality and clean, safe extracts right across the board from all producers. Gone are the days of worrying about solvents being left over, contaminants making it into the product, or dangerous additives being added to boost profits at the cost of consumers’ well being. The legal concentrate market probably has the most potential of all the cannabis sub products.


Aroma (4 / 5)


The last rosin I tried was the Big – Golden Kush Cake and coincidentally this Avana one smelled almost identical to it. It has a sweet, sugary scent almost like honey and syrup, with just the faintest hint of spice. Definitely a fan even though it’s not the usual heavy peppery, kushy profile I look for in a product.


Cure (5 / 5)


This is the place we would normally talk about the moisture level of a dry flower product, but it is still relevant in concentrate products! You’ve probably heard the term “Fire in = Fire out”, it basically means that the better your source flower, the better your concentrates will be. You can’t pull lots of trichomes out of a flower if there aren’t lots of trichomes in there to begin with.


The method used to cure the source flower plays a huge part in the final extract product. As we know from our lessons in Nitrogen Packaging [ ], the second the bud is cut from its growing medium, it begins losing moisture. The more moisture it loses, the more the trichomes dry out and crumble off, and the smell and potency along with them. Live extracts are essentially the concentrate version of Nitrogen Packaging flower.


When a product is labelled “Live extracted”, like live rosin or live resin, it means that the plant was cut down and immediately flash frozen. The process is so cold and dry that the excess moisture is properly removed and the trichomes are preserved practically cryogenically so that when the time comes to extract them, you haven’t lost anything to evaporation.


You can then use any extraction process on it, CO2 and ethanol are safe, cheap and abundant but not as effective, hydrocarbon produces arguably some of the best final products but is more of a complicated process, or you can go the classic way, like Avana did here – Rosin Pressing.


Effects (5 / 5)


Dab Pen | The most experienced stoner with a tolerance to 30% flower can still get knocked on their butt by even the most average concentrate. The effects are so instant that they start to overwhelm before you even finish the first draw from the device. Potency is rarely an issue when you’re consuming something well over 50% THC. The first time I smoked this one it got me right behind the eyes, blurring my vision as the cannabinoids made their rounds, doing their thing, but just like most high THC products the rush only lasts a minute. That desirable chest collapsing, head spinning, gasping for breath that reminds you of the first time high feeling again, quickly lifts off and settles into a nice speedy, focused THC high.


Dab Rig | The reason they call concentrates “dabs” is because a little dab’ll do ya, you don’t need (and definitely probably don’t want) to do too much at a time, dabs are expensive! Not to mention incredibly potent. The smallest size, like a grain of rice or sometimes even smaller, is all you need. Especially in a dab rig, the control you have over the heat makes it the most efficient way to get the most vapor out of your extract. Get more from less! It’s also a great way to check if your dab is “full melt”. Usually anything over 60% is, but not always, sometimes after you dab there will be bits of residue left over. It’s not really anything to worry about in the legal market, they aren’t dangerous contaminants, just left over plant matter that the extraction process didn’t remove, things like plant waxes that don’t burn off like the oil does when heated. Maybe I’m imagining it (psychedelics increase your susceptibility to the placebo effect) but it definitely does feel physically wobbly like the Pure Sunfarms Purple Sun God used to make me feel, and the Avana Outlaw does list almost 6% CBG content (alongside its dominant terps on the back of the bag, really loving that trend!)


Flavour (4 / 5)


Dab Pen | Definitely doesn’t taste the way it smells, rather than sweet and sugary, the flavor in the Utillian 5 was more cool and minty with a faint hint of herbal notes. I set the U5 to its lowest heat setting (1 light out of 4 lights) and pulled on it until the device hit the auto off time limit. As convenient as dab pens are, the metal heaters and air pathways in them just can’t compare to quartz and glass when it comes to flavor, so the taste isn’t really overly present, it’s kind of hard to distinguish beyond “taste flowery and smooth”. Not bad, but the Utillian 5 is more about getting the job done quick and easy, rather than really enjoying the full flavor experience a product has to offer.


Dab Rig | Quartz and glass are currently one of the most pure ways to consume concentrates, and adding water filtration leads to such a smooth experience that you can easily inhale far more than with a dry device before it starts to tickle your throat. The heaters in a vaporizer cook the humidity out of the air you pull through them, which can be replaced by plugging your device into a bubbler. This re-added humidity also seems to have a positive effect on the flavor, and paired with the clean, untarnishing glass and quartz vapor pathways, you really can’t beat the taste of an extract out of a dab rig. The profile of the Avana Outlaw definitely comes through more as a sweet floral flavor, much more like the smell of the raw product than the dab pen produced. Once you’ve compared the two methods, it’s easy to understand why people go through the effort of handling glass rigs and tools and torches instead of just picking up a pen. The producer recommends “dabbing Avana Outlaw Live Rosin between 450°F and 500°F.”


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