Dec 14, 2020

What To Expect When You Walk Into a Hunny Pot Store

They’re Everywhere!

Lately it seems like there is a new dispensary popping up on every street corner, with their bulwark entrances blocking out the view to the inside, the security guard or budtender standing out front, and the giant A frame that reads CANNABIS with a large arrow. With most stores you can peek your head in or look in through a window to see what the situation inside is like – although, regulations prevent stores from being viewable from outside. So, we understand that this might make otherwise curious people too nervous to go in and check it out.

Hunny Pot Burlington Store

Don’t be shy!

You can rest assured, there is nothing to worry about. Legal cannabis has been breaking the stigma since the first legal stores opened on April 1, 2019 – Shops are full of bright lights, open spaces, friendly smiling budtenders and a wealth of information and knowledge just waiting to be shared. The cannabis industry has said “goodbye” to the dingy holes in the walls, the nervous looking employees just waiting for the next raid and trying to hurry you along as quickly as possible. Now you can walk into a dispensary the same way you’d walk into an Apple or Nike store, and receive the same bubbly customer service experience you would at any other retail.

Hamilton Hunny Pot Cannabis Store

Just there to share their love of the plant

Budtenders don’t judge, they don’t gatekeep, they don’t assume – they are there to assess your experience level and respond appropriately, providing recommendations that fall within your needs. They answer even the most basic questions happily because sharing in the joy of cannabis and seeing a new user explore and discover all that cannabis has to offer is why they do what they do. 


Be as prepared, or unprepared, as you want

When you walk into a store, you can go in prepared with a list of questions, or you can go in and just tell them “I want a HQ of Indica” and leave it at that. Your budtender will take the time to go through your list with you, or they will pick the best HQ of Indica and send you on your way. You can even just tell the budtender you are fine on your own and spend some time browsing the menus throughout the store, we will be there if and when you need us. Whether you leave the store having made a purchase, or leave empty handed with all your questions answered. You should never feel awkward or embarrassed or guilty coming into any dispensary, whether it be a Hunny Pot or one of the many others in your neighborhood.

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