Dec 30, 2020

Strain 101: Ice Cream Cake

Without a doubt one of the tastiest sounding cannabis strains, Ice Cream Cake is a Dutch crossing of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake genetics. Usually this high quality hybrid comes in with a hefty THC potency but it’s biggest draw for most is probably the smell, reminiscent of sweet creamy vanilla it’s no wonder how this one got its name.


On the legal recreational market we have seen this one from 7Acres, Indiva and Qwest but with the huge influx of cake, cookie and cream genetics hitting the markets lately we will probably be seeing it a lot more often in the future.


We haven’t seen this one in non flower form yet, but an Ice Cream Cake flavored vape pen is for sure something to look forward to (we have the Ace Valley Gelato which is close though!), or maybe even an Ice Cream Cake infused Ice Cream Cake edible one day, with all the wild options available the future is anything but vanilla.

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