Strain Review: White Wedding

I was very excited to grab some Msiku after their brand launched in Ontario, they are half owned by the Mi’kmaq community and are pumping out some amazing high quality products for a pretty decent price compared to other high quality brands. I was torn between the White Wedding and the Gelatti but eventually went … Read more

Live Resin: What Is It?

What is Resin? As cannabis grows it produces an oil, that oil is what contains every part of the plant that we want to consume. We have no use for the actual plant matter itself, the leaf and stem is just carbon and when you burn and inhale it, it doesn’t get absorbed so you … Read more

Strain 101: Sensi Star

Sensi Star Cannabis

Sensi Star is a classic, with roots back to the 90’s and beyond, so far back that no genetic history is known for this one and it’s original parents could possibly have been some uncultivated strains in the wild a hundred years ago for all we know. It’s usually called an indica but there are … Read more

Strain 101: Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain

Without a doubt one of the tastiest sounding cannabis strains, Ice Cream Cake is a Dutch crossing of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake genetics. Usually this high quality hybrid comes in with a hefty THC potency but it’s biggest draw for most is probably the smell, reminiscent of sweet creamy vanilla it’s no wonder how … Read more

How To: Use Up Trim

Croptober is over! You watched your project go from a bucket of dirt to a thriving lush forest of green, and maybe some other colors. You fed and cared for them for weeks and months before finally chopping them down and giving them a haircut. But now you’re left with a pile of leaves and … Read more

Strain 101: Wedding Cake

Wedding Season Wedding cake is one of the newer genetics to reach the legal cannabis industry, coming first from Qwest in pre roll form, and appearing in the lineage of several other recent releases like True OG, Kush Cake, Ice Cream Cake, LA Kush Cake and just to name a few. An interesting marriage of … Read more

Terpene Breakdown: Humulene

Humulene Terpene

A Familiar Smell Humulene, also known as alpha-caryophyllene, is the primary sesquiterpene found in hops plants, and is responsible for the hoppy beer smell – The flavour notes that exist in Humulene are subtle earthy, woody, and spicy notes.  Also Found In Humulene can also be found in pine trees, orange orchards, marsh elders, tobacco … Read more

Strain 101: Grandaddy Purple

Great grand daddy   A sight to behold, Grand Daddy Purple (otherwise known as GDP), is one of the cooler looking genetics because it’s capable of presenting heavy deep purple coloring throughout the bud as it grows. It also has a very distinct aroma that can only be described as “purple”, like that purple marker … Read more

Strain 101: Hindu Kush

kush mountains; kush cannabis strain information

What is it? Hindu Kush is one of the oldest strains we have on record right now. Named after a mountain range that runs between Pakistan and Afghanistan, this strain was most frequently used to make hash by beating the plants together to knock off the trichomes and rolling them together by hand. Where did … Read more

Are Cannabis Clinics Legit?

Looking for a solution Occasionally we get customers coming into the store asking for medical advice. As much as we consider ourselves cannaisseurs and would love to help, we’re not medical professionals. Regulations also prevent us from discussing any medical topics because we are not doctors. If you’ve reached out to our LiveChat with a … Read more

Indica, Sativa, & Hybrid Explained

If you’re new to cannabis it can be overwhelming, there are a ton of terms and a lot of important information to navigate through. It’s our mission at The Hunny Pot to educate about cannabis in an easy-to-digest way. In this blog we are going to simply break down the different types of cannabis plants … Read more

Terpene Breakdown: Caryophyllene

Terpene: Caryophyllene gives peppery scent

Caryophyllene is one of the most common sesquiterpenes produced in cannabis, responsible for the peppery scent and that tickle in your nose when you smoke it. If you ever smoke a cartridge containing botanically sourced caryophyllene it could have been extracted from cloves, hops, basil, oregano, black pepper, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon or ylang-ylang to name … Read more

How to Cook with Cannabis

cooking with cannabis

If you’re new to cannabis you can be forgiven for not knowing Legalization Day is upon us. For the rest of us, we remember how fun this celebration was last year and are now thinking about how we can safely celebrate in a much smaller, socially distanced way. One idea? Use the cooking and baking … Read more

Strain 101: Pink Kush

Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush

What is Pink Kush? If you’re a fan of indica and have purchased cannabis in Toronto in the last decade, chances are you’ve heard of Pink Kush. Right up there with DBubba as one of the heaviest, most popular indicas. It has an unmistakable “kushy” aroma; some describe it as piney/citrusy, some say it’s earthy/peppery, … Read more

Hash 101

Although hash has been around for many, many years, it is a newer Cannabis 2.0 product at The Hunny Pot and many people are seeing it for the first time. To help you understand the differences between 2.0 products a little better, here is everything you need to know about hash!   How Is Hash … Read more

Cannabis Topicals Explained

Cannabis Topicals & Cannabis Creams

As with any form of cannabis, there are many factors to consider before using topical cannabis, including the potency of the product. Here’s what you need to know before trying cannabis topicals.   Although topicals have been slow with coming to the Canadian legal recreational market, there’s a good amount of variety of CBD topicals, … Read more

The Hunny Pot X Alvéole

Alvéole Bee-Keeping & The Hunny Pot Toronto

The Hunny Pot is taking thousands of bees under its wing! We’re proud to take part in the movement for a more eco-conscious city by installing two beehives on the roof of our 202 Queen Street West location on June 8th.    Our thousands of new colleagues will pollinate the urban flora that surrounds us … Read more

Grand Opening: 2103 Yonge Street!

Today is the day. We opened the doors to our FOURTH Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. store, located at 2103 Yonge Street, Toronto!   We want you to know that we are open for all of your cannabis needs, but celebrating doesn’t feel right this time around in our current environment. We are lucky to have … Read more

What does Full-Spectrum Mean?

Simply put, full-spectrum means that an oil or product contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, but let’s get right into it!   Definition; A cannabis concentrate produced that preserves the full cannabinoid and terpene contents of the raw cannabis plant. The goal of a full-spectrum extract is to maintain … Read more

Grand Opening: 2591 Yonge Street!

Buds, the time is here! We have been hard at work and Midtown is about to get a little more sweet. We are opening our THIRD Hunny Pot retail location at 2591 Yonge Street this Saturday, May 9th.    This grand opening will be a little bit different than the others, but we’ve figured out … Read more

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