Oct 28, 2020

Pens, Carts and Pods; What’s the Difference?

Cannabis 2.0 brought with it a very wide range of new products, one of the categories that expanded the most since launch is the pre-loaded cartridges. Whether in an all-in-one disposable that has the cartridge and a battery built in, in a 510 style standard cartridge that attaches to any 510 battery, or in the proprietary pod cartridges that only work with their matching brand battery like the Pax Era and the Figr Master Vape, the options are nearly endless.

These are not to be confused with dry flower vaporizers which are a completely different device meant to consume flower. The pens/cartridges (carts) are pre-loaded with concentrated cannabinoids that have been extracted.

So what’s the difference?


Disposable pens

All in one, no other accessories or batteries required
Most are draw activated (inhale through the mouthpiece to make it work) but some do come with a button
Most are single use and when the cartridge inside it runs out or the battery dies it is done, but some do come with a charger. They cannot be refilled
Most can be recycled through the proper channels, some can be recycled at home


510 Cartridge

The connector is 5mm and it has 10 threads so they called it a 510
This has become the industry standard for sizing which means these should fit on most 510 style batteries (there are exceptions though, we will talk about that later)
The 510s available at The Hunny Pot cannot be refilled


Proprietary Pods

Only fit their matching batteries
Pax Era Pods only fit Pax Era; Figr Master Pods only fit the Figr Master Vape
These cannot be used with juul pods or any other type of e-cig batteries


What’s next

That’s the basic rundown on pens vs. carts vs. pods. If you have more questions, our awesome budtenders are always happy to help answer your questions and guide you in choosing the right option for you. Find The Hunny Pot nearest you, head on over and strike up a conversation. Not ready to visit in-person? No prob – hit up our live budtender online. Just look at the bottom right corner of your screen and click the golden bar that says, “chat live budtender”.

Want to know more about the effects from using these methods? Check out our next blog post where we will talk about potency and how to do some rough math to get an estimate of things like how much THC you will consume, how long will a pen last, how many hits per cart, and things like that.

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