Oct 30, 2020

What You Should Know Before You Try Edibles

Halloween is upon us and if you’re like us here at The Hunny Pot, you probably like your treats to have a trick up their sleeve. If you’re thinking about chilling out with some cannabis products this weekend but you’re new to or not sure how to navigate the world of edibles – or legal ones, at least, and all the available options – this post is for you!

“Smoking’s not for me”

People considering dipping their toes into the world of cannabis often look into alternatives to smoking because of the smell, the carcinogens, the extra accessories or the required ability to roll (though pre-rolls are available for purchase, if that’s your main concern). After researching some non-smoking options, edibles become pretty enticing; no lingering smell to give you away, a vast array of formats and flavors, no burnt plant matter particles filling your lungs.


But there’s a catch.

Cannabis doesn’t come ready-to-eat. Smoking cannabis is a two-step process. THCA is produced by the plant and the heat from a lighter/vaporizer/etc. Is used to convert it into THC. That THC then enters the bloodstream through the lungs and is carried to the brain.

Eating cannabis is a three-step process. Starting with THCA, an oven or distillation is used to convert it into THC, then eaten. Instead of going right into the bloodstream and straight to the brain, the stomach passes it off through the hepatic portal to the liver, and this is where the magic happens as it’s distributed to the brain more efficiently than smoking.


Start low, go slow

For this reason, we always stress that edibles are not to be taken lightly. You need to start low and go slow when trying edibles for the first time.

The most common mistake users make is underestimating their infused foods. Especially when it’s been an hour since they ate it and they still don’t feel anything. Time to eat another one right? WRONG! The THC is probably just starting to reach your liver by that point and the second you swallow that second cookie or brownie, you are going to feel that first one coming on full force.

Those with slower digestive systems may have to wait hours before they begin to feel anything, same goes for anyone who ate a large meal before – that will need to be processed first. Some people with liver issues have even reported that they can’t process edibles at all but that is a topic that still needs more study.


Intoxication lasts a lot longer

Another important thing to remember is that once the active ingredient (11-OH-THC) passes through your body and goes back to the liver, on it’s second pass it will convert again to a fourth substance (11-nor-9-Carboxy-THC) which is not as psychedelic but has a much longer half life so it will stay in your system a lot longer than smoking, this means you also have to wait longer before driving or operating heavy machinery.


Stay calm and ride it out

Last but not least, remember that if you’ve eaten too much THC you can’t undo it. Eating five non-infused brownies will unfortunately not “water down” the effect of your one infused brownie. So grab a blanket, a glass of water, some good music, good people and get yourself somewhere comfortable to ride it out. Lots of distractions but low stimulus. Time is the only cure and time flies when you’re having fun so just focus on the positives, don’t let yourself get caught in thought loops and put on some good documentaries or nostalgic cartoons.

We know, that was a lot of info to digest – heh. Head on over to The Hunny Pot nearest you and one of our awesome and highly-trained budtenders can guide you. They can help you find the right THC and/or CBD level to try and achieve the high you’re looking for. Perks of buying edibles from a dispensary? You don’t have to do the work of decarbing, baking/cooking and then hoping your math was right on potency. Bong Appetit! 😉

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