Dec 23, 2020

How To: Use Up Trim

Croptober is over!

You watched your project go from a bucket of dirt to a thriving lush forest of green, and maybe some other colors. You fed and cared for them for weeks and months before finally chopping them down and giving them a haircut. But now you’re left with a pile of leaves and stems and other boring useless plant matter, but wait! It might not be as useless as you think!

Extract every last bit

Those leaves are still covered in trichomes! You probably noticed as you were cleaning that big ball of “finger hash” needed to be gathered up and removed from the hinge of your scissors. Think about it like this – if that much accumulated just from cutting them off, imagine how much is still left there in the leaves, just waiting to be collected and smoked!

Bubble hash

You can use a product like bubble bags to essentially freeze and wash off all your cannabinoid and terpene containing oils, to be scraped together and dried off for use later.


It may be low potency but when you have practically pounds of the stuff, you should still be able to make a decent amount of edibles from what can be decarbed off the leaves.


Commemorate your endeavor and ensure that a piece of your plant will always live on by pressing the leaves in a book to dry them out and making art or jewelry out of them or scatter them across a table and cover them with a layer or resin or epoxy to create a one of a kind personalized sesh station.


Through them into your vegetable garden outside so that they can absorb whatever nutrients are left! Reduce, reuse & recycle!


Cannabis really is one of the most versatile products out there. Every bit of it can be used, reused and repurposed – the only limit is your imagination! 😉

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