Dec 20, 2020

Strain 101: Wedding Cake

Wedding Season

Wedding cake is one of the newer genetics to reach the legal cannabis industry, coming first from Qwest in pre roll form, and appearing in the lineage of several other recent releases like True OG, Kush Cake, Ice Cream Cake, LA Kush Cake and just to name a few.

An interesting marriage of genetics

Some places have this one listed as a phenotype of Triangle Mints called Pink Cookies, which is a cross between GSC and Cherry Pie. All the sweet Cookie genetics in this one’s background give it a reportedly creamy, almost vanilla like smell and flavor profile.

Here come the quads, all dressed in trichomes

Who knows why the wedding strains have suddenly exploded across the market but whether you’re looking for Wedding Mints, Wedding Crasher, White Wedding, Wedding Breath or Wedding Cake, you can head on down to your nearest Hunny Pot location to put a ring on it.

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