Feb 11, 2021

Strain Review: White Wedding

I was very excited to grab some Msiku after their brand launched in Ontario, they are half owned by the Mi’kmaq community and are pumping out some amazing high quality products for a pretty decent price compared to other high quality brands. I was torn between the White Wedding and the Gelatti but eventually went with Wedding as the THC was higher. I still regret not going with Gelatti though and that will probably be my next try from them.


Appearance (2 / 5)
This was probably the biggest and only disappointment with this strain. Yes, it was covered in trichomes but unfortunately my bottle was just filled with small buds. In the end it’s true that cannabis is like food and how it looks isn’t as important as what happens after its ground up and put in your body, but it’s still nice to open a jar and see giant buds.


Aroma (3 / 5)
Can’t complain at all – It has a nice kushy bite but not as peppery as an OG or Pink Kush. The Wedding has a more floral or perfumey aroma to it, an overall very kushy floral scent.


Cure (3 / 5)
Wasn’t overly dry, still had a bit of squish on it which is nice, they just use standard plastic bottles though so hopefully they make the switch to nitro tins soon.


Effects (5 / 5)
Vaporizer : Definitely did the job and more, on my first try of it I was only able to get in 2 pulls before taking a break, at 27% this thing is a monster and definitely takes its place in the AAA to AAAA category.


Flavour (4 / 5)
Vaporizer : This one was hard to judge at first because it was so strong I didn’t get enough draws off it to be able to properly tell. I had just cleaned my vape and the first pull have a gassy floral hit, vaping it over time though I was able to build up my tolerance and get some hits big enough to recognize the heavy musky, almost cologne/aftershave type of flavor, with a hint of almost candy like sweetness. Almost like mixing a Pink Kush with Trix cereal.


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