Dec 11, 2020

Strain 101: Grandaddy Purple

Great grand daddy


A sight to behold, Grand Daddy Purple (otherwise known as GDP), is one of the cooler looking genetics because it’s capable of presenting heavy deep purple coloring throughout the bud as it grows. It also has a very distinct aroma that can only be described as “purple”, like that purple marker smell we all know so well. Some say an almost grapey cheesy scent and flavor.


But why is it purple when most cannabis is that same old shade of green?




Anthocyanins are naturally occurring within some strains and when exposed to cooler temperatures in the final days of flowering, they can turn the plant matter into dark purples, blues and even blacks in the right conditions. The deeper the color usually indicates that the grower knew what they were doing and it takes practise to know exactly what works best for your plant.


Where can I find it?

The Hunny pot carries Grandaddy Purple  from 48North under its original name or from Riff under the name Subway Scientist (an ode to an old New York graffiti artist). We also have several carts, pens and pod options, however most of them are distillate so it’s still up for argument whether the source strain really matters for a product where the full spectrum is distillate out of it and if reintroduced terpenes makes a difference (Health Canada says we don’t know for sure yet). 

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