The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Blue Velvet Strain Review

Feb 24, 2020

Strain Review: Blue Velvet

Toronto Hunny Pot Budtender extraordinaire Russ, reviewing Edison Cannabis Co. Blue Velvet.

Blue Velvet is a Medium to High THC, Dried Flower Cannabis strain that’s a cross between Blueberry and OG Kush that was grown by Edison Cannabis co. I definitely find this strain a step above previous Edison products in terms of potency, this one really packs a big punch. With such a high potency it is easy to overdo, so take it slow and don’t get burned out. Comes in 3.5g but not Pre-roll however, you can grind it up and pack them into an empty cone that can be found in our Toronto cannabis shop.

Brand Name: Edison Cannabis Co

Strain Name: Blue Velvet

Strain Category: THC Dominant Indica

Method of Consumption: Vaporizer / Papers

Would you buy again?: Yes

Appearance (4 / 5)

Like most Blueberry strains, the batch of Blue Velvet I got was a handful of dense, round, blueberry shaped buds. Very happy with the heavy tight bud structure, very much Indica and usually leads to a fluffier and impressive grind. Loved the colour throughout, patches of deep, dark purple and blues. Edison machine trims but my batch was perfectly manicured, no excess stems and even though most of the buds were smaller the only sugar leaves remaining were covered in trichomes.


Aroma (3 / 5)

The first deep inhale after opening the container gave off a deep, cool, berry scent. Grinding it up released a totally different aroma though, almost like cheese and sugar. The velvet name makes more sense when you notice that it has an almost cheesecake-like, smooth and sweet scent to it.


Cure (3 / 5)

Edison is one of the few Legal Cannabis Producers that packs all their products with Integra boost humidity packs. Humidity packs are like the silica packs you find in new electronic products but they work both ways. Not only do they remove excess humidity from a package, if it falls too low the pack will release moisture which can help keep Cannabis from drying out.

Effects (4 / 5)

Using a vaporizer, I experienced an almost instant onset of heavy THC effects. I only packed a 0.1g and took two hits before I was too intimidated to continue. I’ve got a pretty high tolerance but at 18% this one did pretty well.


Used about 0.3g later on in the day and just crashed on the couch. My experience was not as long-lasting as it was with the vaporizer but still did the job.

Flavour (4 / 5)

As always, the terpenes really start to present themselves with a vaporizer. Really opened up a very refreshing, deep berry flavour. Very smooth and yes, almost velvety. No harshness noticed and no coughing.


When pulled through a joint before lighting it, it had an almost strawberry/cherry flavour to it like candy. No real mentionable flavour in a joint, but it was a fairly smooth smoke.

Total Score: 18/25

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