The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Pineapple Express Strain Review

Jun 28, 2020

Strain Review: Pineapple Express 510 Cartridge

Reviewed by Blake Bottoms of The Hunny Pot Cannabis co. Burlington!

The distillate in this 0.5 g cartridge from Good Supply comes from a hybrid extract with a strong 83% THC percentage. This product’s smooth, tropical flavour comes from a terpene profile that contains limonene, myrcene, humulene, and linalool.

Brand Name: Good Supply

Strain Name: Pineapple Express

Strain Category: Hybrid

Method of Consumption: 510 Vaporizer

Would you buy again?: Yes

Appearance (4 / 5)


What I like about the Pineapple Express concentrate cartridge by Good Supply is that it screams good time and good quality. The Cartridge itself has a metal mouthpiece that feels much more serious, professional and fine crafted than some of its plastic competitors. The feeling on my lips before the first pull was satisfying in and of itself. 


Cure (5 / 5)


That first hit though; incredibly smooth; Strong and exhilarating, I found the initial effects very uplifting but in a much calmer way than say a Sativa cartridge. The Pineapple Express by Good Supply made me feel energized, calm, happy and sociable all at once; a great combination that makes for a well rounded high that stands true to the legacy of the Pineapple Express strain. I really mean it when I say this cartridge has an unprecedented smoothness to it, I was surprised how easy it was to take too big of a pull compared to other carts, careful out there!


Flavour (3.5 / 5)


Aroma (4 / 5)


The taste of the Pineapple Express made me think of the last time I took a hit of shatter of the same strain; very dabby tasting with a hint of tropical sweetness. These cartridges have no additional flavours so we are experiencing the true taste and aroma of the Pineapple Express plant in all of its natural glory. 


Effects (4 / 5)


One thing I really noticed about this strain is that it made me pretty talkative. This won’t necessarily be true for everyone that tries this product but it is a good initial indicator that Pineapple Express by Good Supply can be used in social settings.



I highly recommend this product to fans of the classic strain Pineapple Express and encourage those that don’t know why this strain has such a hefty reputation to try it for themselves and enjoy that classic, tropical, smooth flavour.

Total Score: 20.5/25

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