Nov 27, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Part 2

Hi! Welcome to the next installment of our 2020 holiday gift guide. Over the next couple weeks we will be posting gift guides to help you find items to suit your budget, fit the type of cannabis consumer in your life, and range from cool accessories to actual flower. Check out the items below and be sure to come back to the blog regularly to get additional, fun gift ideas. 


These stocking stuffers are perfect for your sesh friends or the family members who always sneak off to the garage during holiday gatherings. And at $30 or less, you can give like Santa while you save like Scrooge. 


$30 or Less


Mamba Electric Grinder

The Mamba is equipped with razor-sharp teeth to give you the perfect grind and texture – with minimum effort – all at the push of a button! Just fill, close, and press the button – it’s that easy! This premium electric grinder is 20x faster than the normal, manual hand grinders and grinds up to 0.5g at a time. With great design-function compatibility, the Mamba is perfect for those suffering from hand RSI, wrist strain, Fibromyalgia and other hand and wrist problems – take it easy and enjoy the perfect grind without the effort!


Grav Mini Basic Bubbler

The small Grav Hammer Bubbler is 3″ tall and made on 25mm tubing with an etch label. The body of the bubbler is clear while the mouthpiece, downstem, and feet are coloured glass. Its fission downstem diffuses smoke through water, and its feet stabilize the bubbler between uses. Not to mention it’s cute as heck and comes in a bunch of colours like blue, jade green, lavender, mint, pink, smoke grey and white. 


The Hunny Pot Shirt

This is for the brand loyalist in your life. Our t-shirts are Canadian made with sustainably sourced bamboo and organic cotton. This tee is extra soft, machine washable, and totally discreet with just our iconic gold logo on the front. Once you feel it you might think twice about giving it away…get one for yourself while you’re at it!


Ghost Train Haze 3.5g

Ghost Train Haze from UP20 is a heavy-hitting sativa known for its fluffy, bright green buds and dense, frosty trichome coverage. Consumers can expect to be hit by this runaway train of sour citrus and floral aromas, derived from the dominant terpinolene and complementary pinene, ocimene and caryophyllene. Its legendary genetics are known for potency (20-27%), so conduct yourself accordingly. That was a train pun.


Inferno West Coast Butane Torch

The Inferno West Coast Butane Torch by Special Blue stands 6″ tall and rests upright on its built-in base. These refillable butane torches feature an auto ignition, an adjustable flame with an ergonomic design. It works at any angle, refills quickly, is cordless and lightweight, and has a lifetime warranty from Special Blue. An adjustable flame control and safety lock makes it suitable for users of any skill level, though using one of these is sure to make anyone look like a pro. 


The Edge 3.5g

The Edge from Muskoka Grown is a classic Sativa dominant, Skunk #1 hybrid. Reminding users of the good old days, this mid-range variety offers scents of strong dill with subtle notes of fresh mulch and citrus. The forest-coloured, large buds have a skunk-appearance, dusted with crystal-like trichomes and orange pistils. The strong combination of terpenes results in intense flavours and aromas.


Pitch-n-Puff Combo Pack

The Pitch-n-Puff combo pack from Puffingtons Golf is fun yet practical… not to mention discreet! The golf ball unscrews to reveal a secret stash inside. Looks and feels like a golf ball so you can drop it in with the rest of your balls. And tee off anytime and any place with the one-hitter tee; when user properly, this tee will deliver a high performance boost to any round. The perfect combo for an afternoon on the course. Welcome to #kushwood.


Strain Hunters’ Franco’s Lemon Cheese Pre-rolls

Wow – what a mouthful! The same can be said for the flavour. This strain pays tribute to Strain Hunter Franco Loja who travelled far and wide in search of rare landrace strains. Sativa-dominant, with surprising notes of cheddar and lemon, (beta-caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene) this snowy green bud celebrates a beautiful legacy. There’s so much history wrapped into these 3x 0.5-gram pre-rolls; plus, they’re grown sustainably and packaged with eco-friendly materials. 


Everie CBD Tea

Available in three flavours; Vanilla Rooibos, Decaffeinated Peach Ginger Green Tea, and Lavender Chamomile, this CBD infused tea is a great option for someone who likes to unwind with cannabis. All Everie teas are made with natural flavours and each pack contains three biodegradable pyramid tea bag sachets. Each product is infused with 98% pure CBD so you can enjoy them with the utmost confidence.


Piranha Storage Jar with Bamboo Lid

Piranha stash jars are made of high-quality glass and feature a bamboo lid that holds shut with an o-ring to help keep smell and freshness as well as keep out air and moisture making these the perfect choice when storing your cannabis. If your loved one is using sauce jars or old pill bottles to store their weed, it’s time to help them step up their game. Available in 5 different sizes there’s a stash jar for everyone.


Sparkle Liquid Hand Pipe

This glitter liquid filled hand pipe from Red Eye Glass is the perfect pipe for someone who likes a whole lotta shimmer – with sparkles flowing throughout. Designed for easy and quick packing with a good-sized bowl and the flat bottom. It also has a front choke hole and a long stem allowing for a smooth smoking experience. This pipe is as mesmerizing as it is useful. Such a showpiece needs to be protected – good news, each pipe comes with a Red Eye Glass protective neoprene pouch. *This pipe is usually just over $30 but it’s on sale right now for 20% off *


Reminder: if you’re in the GTA you can order from The Hunny Pot and get same day delivery from now until December 20! Just a couple clicks and you could be well on your way to having your holiday list handled.


Check back in through the holiday season to see all our 2020 gift guide installments, and to stay inspired with ideas for your favorite cannabis lover. Happy shopping!

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