Nov 19, 2020

Strain 101: OG Kush

We talked about it a little bit in our hybrids blog but in this post we’re going to dig into what OG Kush is and where it came from.


The mystery of cannabis history

Cannabis has probably been travelling the planet for as long as humans have or maybe even longer, so we may never know its true history for sure, but it has been found in tombs and religious sites dating back thousands of years.


In the 16th century, Cannabis was brought to South America from Spain, and some time in the 1800s it was brought to Jamaica from India. These strains evolved over the years in the warmer climates into what we now know as sativas.


The Hippie trails final stop

When indicas were once again brought to North America, also in the 1960s and 70s, it was bred with many of the strains that were already  growing here and that created the original OG Kush strains.


Since records could be used against you in a criminal trial, cannabis breeders tended not to keep any, there are word-of-mouth records that mention OG Kush strains being bred in California and Florida, creating strains we know as SFV Kush, Bubba Kush, Josh D OG. There are countless children strains and phenotypes now with flavor profiles ranging from gassy to earthy to peppery.


If you’re looking for an OG Kush or a child strain to try, the friendly budtenders at your nearest Hunny Pot can help you choose!

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