Oct 19, 2020

Wrapping up Bee Season

That’s a wrap on the beekeeping season!

Literally. We just wrapped up our hives. The season sure flew by but it was a great season nonetheless. Today was Alvéole’s final visit for the year, though the hive will stay onsite all winter long. The hive was wrapped in a flexible insulating material to help maintain a warm temperature and shelter our bee friends from any harsh winds. Don’t worry if you see a little snow on the hives in the coming months, it actually helps insulate and keep the bees warm! It also might look different than you’re used to as the insulation is a white plastic. Here’s what it looks like!
bees from The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co urban beehive

Next bee season?

Alvéole will be back onsite in the spring to open the hive back up and to check in on the bees. Until then, the bees will be clustered inside the hive to keep warm and moving through the hive to eat through the honey they stored throughout the season. Is there a more delicious way to wait out winter? Not that we can think of.

Did you know

Honeybees are able to vibrate their wing muscles to generate heat. All throughout the winter when we are freezing cold, know that the honeybees are in a tropical paradise inside their hive! They can keep it at about 35 degrees! We’d all like to be in there some cold winter days! All this to say, the bees will be taking a rest from until mid-March. Happy hibernating, friends!
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