Sep 23, 2020

Milton…We Are Coming Soon!

Milton…something sweet is on its way! 


The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., a Toronto-based retail-focused cannabis corporation, is proud to announce the expansion of the brand, making its way into Milton. 


The Hunny Pot gained notoriety when it opened its first location in Toronto on April 1, 2019 and became the first- ever legal cannabis retailer in the city. Following the opening of its first store, The Hunny Pot successfully opened three additional stores in Toronto, one in Burlington and Hamilton.


Similar to their previous six (6) stores, their mission remains the same – to enrich lives and cultivate a positive footprint as we grow and rewrite the narrative surrounding cannabis. Their main purpose is to educate about cannabis, offer high-quality cannabis products and accessories, and to provide an unparalleled customer experience to all who enter The Hunny Pot.


The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., will now have seven (7) branded stores selling recreational cannabis products to those within the Greater Toronto Area, Burlington, Hamilton and beyond.


Their latest storefront is proudly located right off the 401 at the 101 James Snow Pkwy N.


As a collective, The Hunny Pot is very excited to open their Milton store and share a new retail experience with past, current, and future customers. 


As new information becomes available we will be sharing on their website, and on all social platforms, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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