Apr 7, 2020

Self-Care and Staying Indoors

Haven’t the last few months been a wild ride? It’s as if we collectively, are all experiencing a ‘down’ or a ‘low point’. Uncertainty has a funny way of playing tricks on you, and we’re not sure any of us really know what is going on. But one thing that we are sure of, is the need for self-care at a time like this and the positive effects of it.
When was the last time you have an entire week (or more) that you didn’t have to leave the house just once; you didn’t have to go to dinner plans or upkeep a gruelling 60-hour workweek. There is nothing positive about our current state, by any means. But it has made society slow down and think differently.
Practicing self-care is unique to the individual. It’s a time to make yourself happy, and it comes in different forms. It is what we deliberately do in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. For some, self-care means listening to music and enjoying their favourite cannabis product, or doing something physical like going for a run, or practicing yoga… or enjoying your favourite cannabis product, then being active? You get the idea. Self-care can be anything. At The Hunny Pot, we have come up with 5 ideas to elevate your self-care experience.
self care

5 ideas to keep your stress levels low, and your spirits high:


  1. Learn something new. There’s an abundance of free online courses available, pick something you’ve always been interested in or would like to improve on and learn!
  2. Marie Condo your place. Yes, use this time to go through everything, get organized, and donate your old items. This feels good. You can watch the series on Netflix for reference, too.
  3. Meditate. This is a great self-care tool to make a habit. Use a half-hour of your day wisely to calm your mind, destress, or set intent.
  4. Cannabis and create. Enjoy your favourite cannabis product, and create something; draw a picture, cook a new dish, write in a journal, cross something off your to-do list.
  5. Get active! No gym, no problem. Use your body weight and get creative. You can get even more creative is you have a self-isolation partner. There are a ton of resources offering free online workouts – check them out! Have you ever wanted to get into yoga? Now is the time to try.
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