Oct 20, 2020

Strain 101: Harlequin

More balanced than a bird of prey

We always recommend that people new to cannabis start their journey with CBD products. Generally for most users, CBD is the mildest cannabis experience; fewer noticeable effects while making things more manageable. Certain cannabis strains can contain balanced amounts of both THC and CBD. As the CBD level goes up, usually the THC will go down so it’s very rare to find a product containing upwards of 20+% THC AND 20+% CBD. More often the levels will be around 10-15% of each or even closer to 5-10%. A good example of this is the Harlequin strain from Tantalus Labs.


Tantalus labs has set up their Sunlab facility in Fraser Valley BC, growing in a purpose-built cannabis hybrid greenhouse, using the sun when it is available and supplementing with HPS lighting or closing ceiling drapes to maintain the best light cycle conditions. Tantalus collects rainwater on the roof, purifies it and uses it to feed their plants, saving themselves from anything that might be found in a municipal water supply.


What is Harlequin?

The Harlequin strain is a cross of Columbian Gold (a Thai strain from near Laos), a Swiss Hemp landrace, and Nepal Mustang. Tantalus Labs crosses that with a strain called The Ox. Taking pre-1998 Bubba Kush and crossing it with Blue Moonshine (a member of the Blueberry family), then crossing the resulting strain with modern Bubba Kush, led to the creation of The Ox.


Let this joker make you laugh

Tantalus offers their Harlequin Ox cross in 3.5g flower and a 3 pack of half gram pre-rolls, perfect for beginners who want to start experimenting with the effects of THC. Always remember rule #1: start low, go slow. Even with CBD in there, take a puff and wait 20 minutes to see how you feel. Ease yourself into it.


If you find you really enjoy that balance of cannabinoids and are looking to stock up, you can also find Harlequin crossed with Jack the Ripper in the Pennywise strain. Pure Sunfarms carry Pennywise in their Balance 1:1 one ounce (28g) bag. This is a great value for making your own edibles as well.

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