The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Citrus Punch Strain Review

Jul 17, 2020

Strain Review: Sundial Citrus Punch

Reviewed by The Hunny Pot's Lead Trainer, Russ!

Citrus Punch is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes on strong, but can still be enjoyed during the day. A unique terpene profile gives this mid-potency strain its most distinctive quality—the smell and taste of fresh Florida oranges.

Brand Name: Sundial

Strain Name: Citrus Punch

Strain Category: Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Method of Consumption: Vaporizer & Joint

Would you buy again?: No

Citrus Punch is a combination of Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, originally called Agent O. It was grown indoors in Alberta and was hand trimmed and hung till dry.


Appearance (3/5)


Green, with some orange, it looks like Cannabis! The flower is fairly dense and I  had a spade-like shape large bud, with small popcorn bud.  The flower was a bit more on the leafy-side, but has visible trichomes.


Aroma (3.5/5)


The first waft out of the bottle had the familiar lemony/skunky smell of a few other putrid sour strains I’ve tried before, almost identical to DNA Lemon Skunk, Seven Oakes Ultra Sour and Royal High Super Skunk. Post grind scent; like usual, the grinder did a good job releasing the remaining terpenes deeper within the bud, a more sour synthetic lemon smell overwhelmed the skunk and was a great improvement.


Cure (3/ 5)


My jar didn’t have too many stems, which was great! It was a little on the dry side, but it didn’t crumble when I picked it up and still required a grinder.


Effects (4 / 5)


Vaporizer: No overwhelming immediate effects from this one but it did come on eventually and even though I smoked it all day I never ended up burning out which was very nice. It served its purpose though, It didn’t knock me out but that’s not what I was looking for that day.


Papers: Plowed through my errands quickly, time just flew by and everything was done. Got the munchies quick even though I ate before, lots of energy, no boredom, mind stayed engaged on walk for errands around the hour mark I started noticing I was sobering up, so I smoked a joint of it on my walk home from the store. Remember that results vary from person to person! Cannabis is a very subjective experience.


Flavour (3.5/ 5)


Vaporizer: The vaporizer did redeem this one and although subtle, it did provide a pleasant lemony beer taste. Hard to place it exactly, but some sort of sour berry flavor. Hints of a gassy skunk flavor and the first pull did give that fresh chlorophyll taste.


Papers: The aftertaste was a much nicer sour citrus-y flavor, kind of like a mix of lime, grapefruit and oranges – Sour, bitter and sweet all at once.

Total Score: 17/25

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