The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Glow (Critical Kush) Strain Review

Apr 30, 2020

Strain Review: Glow 510 Cartridge

Reviewed by Blake Bottoms of the Hunny Pot Cannabis co. Burlington!

This terpene-rich Hybrid cartridge produced by Trail Blazer has a THC percentage of 72-78% and CBD percentage of 0.0-0.1%. This strain reveals flavours of mango, cloves, and coriander.

Brand Name: Trailblazer

Strain Name: Glow (Critical Kush)

Strain Category: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Method of Consumption: 510 Vaporizer

Would you buy again?: Yes

THC Percentage: 73%


Aroma (4 / 5)

Flavour (5 / 5)


First and foremost the driving factor that led me to try this product was the promise of a unique sour cherry blaster flavour; my favourite flavour in the candy universe now available in the Cannabis universe? Sign me up!


I was not disappointed, Trailblazer uses natural flavours with their concentrate cartridges, The result is an undeniable sour cherry blaster flavour shortly after the exhale and into the after taste of the cartridge, delicious!


Appearance (5 / 5)


The cartridge itself has a transparent plastic mouthpiece with the name Trailblazer emblazoned over the window of the concentrate chamber and an orange band at the base that displays both the strain name Glow and that it is a Hybrid. This is something I actually liked quite a bit as some cartridges will simply have the logo of the producer which can often lead to getting carts mixed up when you are on the go.


Effects (3 / 5)

Cure (3 / 5)


Glow by Trailblazer uses Critical Kush to make an Indica dominant vape cartridge with wonderful effects. Glow was very calming and relaxing. I bought this for the purpose of having something to vape on before bed; I wanted to stay away from the energizing effects of Sativa dominant Hybrids. Glow by Trailblazer quickly mellowed me out and made my eyelids a little heavier. I really felt the Indica effects in my forehead, making the name Glow especially fitting for this product. 


This has the Blake seal of approval for before bed vapes!

Total Score: 20/25

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