The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. No. 17 Craft Strain Review

May 31, 2020

Strain Review: FIGR No. 17 Craft

Reviewed by The Hunny Pot's OG Budtender, Joyce Tsui!

FIGR No. 17 is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a strong, citrus smell that is elevated after being milled. Looking at the flower, it is quite dense and assumes a spade-like shape. Among the dark green leaves, you’ll find yellow and orange pistils (hairs). The flower is coated in a thick layer of trichomes (crystals), which almost gives it a yellow glow.

Brand Name: FIGR

Strain Name: No. 17 Craft

Strain Category: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Method of Consumption: Joint & Bong

Would you buy again?: Yes

I love to recommend this brand to folks looking for a higher quality cannabis from our dispensary. Although I’m a pretty experienced user, I’ve learned not to always reach for the highest number because sometimes I find smoother strains at a slightly lower THC could have a more enjoyable experience. However, this one however delivers a delightful flavour with a higher THC content from a properly produced product. Truly an all around winner, some of the best-in-show from the past year of legal cannabis stores in Ontario (One year! Woohoo, pop the confetti!)


Appearance (5/5)


The appearance of the craft batch was lovely to see all whole buds of high-grade. Pleased to find two larger, nearly thumb-sized buds that have been manicured by hand. Even the jar it comes in has a soft-touch matte finish, a nod to the luxurious product inside the package.


Aroma (3/5)


I found this Indica-dominant hybrid strain not as overwhelmingly musky as others I’ve experienced. This producer out of PEI has curated a well balanced terpene profile that has almost a sour note along with the aromatic earthy tone.


Cure (5/5)


The quality of cure from the craft level of FIGR cannabis had been consistently squishy, pleasantly not as surprisingly dry as most Ontario Cannabis Store buds. You get the feeling from this licensed producer that they have real cannabis growing experience. I have been pleased with every product I’ve tried from FIGR, the quality for price is everything we have been asking for.


Effects (5/5)


Could be fun at parties, great for chilling at home. Great for stress relief, on the slightly stronger side felt a relaxing warmth. Wappa is known for usually being a heavier hitting Indica strain compared to something like a Shishkaberry. Not only does it usually have a higher than expected THC percentage, but the musky terpenes make this a bit of a stronger punch per puff.


Flavour (4/5)


The quality of the cure really comes through in a pleasant end experience. I enjoyed this juicy, smooth smoke through a bong and a joint, and every time I found the flavour tangy and mouth-watering. Not dry at all, no cottonmouth here!


Final Thoughts


This company has made it really easy to talk about how the novice can begin to learn, about where their bud’s coming from and suggesting other things they’ll love. The only constructive feedback I could give, if it’s welcome, is that the number brand system is hard too for me to remember, and I find names stick better with me. I usually end up not referring to the product by the company’s name of no. 17, and calling it Wappa. I then explain that Wappa is the genetic name they chose not to use, and folks can get a little confused. However, the red box is easy for folks to recognize, and the ‘Budtender app’ they made helps customers keep track of what they’ve had and learn about the strains themselves.

Total Score: 22/25

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