Mar 20, 2020

Are Your Cannabis Products Stored Safely?

Cannabis 2.0 brought a lot of new products to the cannabis market (with more to come), and some of those products may be found appealing to young children; edibles, beverages, and topicals. With that being said, there is even more reason to ensure your cannabis products are safely stored and kept out of reach from children.
With the new products that are available, it is our responsibility to take the proper measures to prevent accidental cannabis consumption. Sometimes the packaging which they come in might not be enough, or they might not be closed properly after use. We encourage all cannabis users to take extra precautions and utilize additional measures to safeguard cannabis products from falling into children’s hands.
To learn more about cannabis packaging and steps the government has made to keep cannabis out of the hands of children, click here.

Tips on How to Keep Children Safe

New cannabis formats, such as edibles, can look like treats to a child, as they may come in the form of cookies, brownies, and soft chews. Cannabis-infused beverages and topical cannabis products like lotions can be easily mistaken for the regular variety. Who doesn’t love cookies, chocolates or candy? As our industry evolves, so will the safe options available to consumers, but here are quick three starting points.
Consume in Private
Yes, we are recommending that you consume your cannabis 2.0 products such as edibles away from kids and out of their sight. This will greatly reduce the chance of it getting into their hands.
Keep it Locked Up
The best way to store cannabis in your home is the same way you would stow away medication or toxic chemicals: in its original child-safe tamper-proof packaging. Store all cannabis products in child-resistant packaging and in a lockable container, out of sight or in a place kids cannot access. We have safe lock boxes and pouches available for purchase at The Hunny Pot.
Open the Dialogue
This may seem like a very simple option, but it also can be the most effective. Having an open dialogue about cannabis products and specifically, edibles can go a long way with your kids. Make sure they feel comfortable asking questions and understand why these products are for adults only. Suddenly when things are off-limits, they become more appealing, by having the conversation and breaking the stigma, we can help combat this desire.
If you ever suspect a child has ingested cannabis, seek medical help immediately.
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