Sep 27, 2019

Using Cannabis Safely

Updated: Oct 23, 2019


There has never been a recorded death from a cannabis overdose. That said. It’s still important to be safe. “Start low, go slow.” has become the mantra of the Canadian cannabis industry and we have to say, it is great advice.

Dosing Cannabis Safely

There are no firm rules when it comes to finding the right cannabis dose because there are so many factors that can impact cannabis’s effects on you. These factors include; strain potency, your physiology, your experience and tolerance levels. The best approach is to start slow and go slow and that is what we tell all of our customers who come in and make a purchase.



Everybody is different, and people’s bodies can react differently. In fact, your own body’s response to cannabis can change based on factors like what you’ve eaten today, how much sleep you have had, etc.



Each strain has its own blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, which means each strain interacts with your body differently. The effects of inhaled cannabis are generally felt within a few minutes but the effects of ingested cannabis can take up to two hours to reach full effect.



Different results comes from different consumption methods. Inhaling cannabis and ingesting cannabis can have very different results. For example, ingesting lasts longer and inhaling hits faster.

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