The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Sour Kush Strain Review

Dec 1, 2020

Strain Review: Sour Kush

Reviewed by The Hunny Pot Budtender, Dave!

Good Supply is all about bulk amounts of bud for good prices, this 15g Sour Kush can also be found among other Aphria brands like the Riff Two Tone Ban or the Solei Sense; a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It comes packaged in a comically large envelope that could easily fit a couple ounces but at least it’s not as excessive as the wasteful plastic containers. This particular batch came in at 18% but still did the job without having to take too many hits. I am a huge fan of the Raider Kush, Subway Scientist and DT81 from Riff, but this Good Supply version is just kind of fine. No complaints at all - it's a decent bud, but it lacks the unique terpene flare of some of their other strains.

Brand Name: Good Supply

Strain Name: Sour Kush

Strain Category: Indica Dominant

Method of Consumption: Vaporizer / Papers

Would you buy again?: No

AROMA (3 / 5)

The initial wave from opening the package had a bit of a fruity, blueberry smell with maybe a hint of floral sweetness to it. No gas or diesel or sour smells at all, and no pepper kushy. Just a warm, slightly fruity scent.



Nothing noteworthy or unique about the coloring or bud structure, this package came with a bunch of smaller buds all around the same shape, bigger than a blueberry but smaller than a grape so no complaints there. There was a bit of shake but probably just whatever broke off from the buds in transit.


FLAVOUR (3 / 5)

No complaints, it was closer to a kush and a sour diesel really. Didn’t notice any gassy scent or flavor at all, just the slightest hint of floral and the rest was an herbally, fruity blueberry. It was really more reminiscent of a White Rhino, Sensi Star, or DBubba.


EFFECTS (4 / 5)

At 18% this bud held its own, generally the 18-24% range is my ideal potency but I think the only difference between this one and a 24% would only be an extra draw or two from the vaporizer. Took about 4-5 hits instead of my usual 3-4 and I was at the level I wanted to be.


CURE (3 / 5)

Like all LP cannabis, they ensured that it was flushed properly and cured for long enough so that it burns properly with no snap, crackle, pop of nutes in your bud. This batch was dry and squeezing the buds caused them to crumble into dust – the dryness may have muted the smell slightly, but it still did the job and enough of its contents remained to give it a decent flavor in a vaporizer.

Total Score: 16/25

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