The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Pink Kush Strain Review

Dec 5, 2020

Strain Review: Pink Kush

Reviewed by The Hunny Pot Budtender, Dave!

Pure Sunfarms has been impressing us from day one; coming along in the early days with a consistent supply, a variety of strains, envelope packaging when everything else was still bottles, and most importantly a phenomenal price point. Then when Pink Kush came along they could have priced the in-demand strain high like other LPs but instead they released it at an even better price than their other products. I thought it was too good to be true and after trying it I knew I was hooked! I’ve probably grabbed this one more than any other single product even though it's still a relatively new one on the market. It’s really become my daily driver and I always make sure to have some on hand.

Brand Name: Pure Sunfarms

Strain Name: Pink Kush

Strain Category: Indica Dominant

Method of Consumption: Dry Flower Vaporizer

Would you buy again?: Yes!

Appearance (3 / 5)

Seems to vary from batch to batch from dense to fluffier buds, usually a standard green but sometimes sprinkled with orange. The batch I grabbed most recently wasn’t as dense as it’s been in the past and was pretty covered in brown hairs and crystals.


Aroma (4 / 5)

That unmistakable, irresistible, “kushy” scent. So hard to describe but so easy to recognize, sometimes more earthy, sometimes more peppery, but always with that warm, spicy ‘bite’ to your nostrils usually followed by a floral, almost gassy cologne that makes Pink Kush the favorite of so many across the country.


Cure (4 / 5)

Can’t complain, no chlorophyll taste, no sparking and crackling of a poor flush, the moisture level was on par for what you would find in an envelope after a couple weeks but definitely not dry enough to stand out from the norm.


Effects (5 / 5)

This one always falls somewhere around 20% and always does the trick, at least for me. Results will always vary from person to person and even for the same person from day to day depending on your body chemistry and physiology.


Flavour (4 / 5)

As solid as the aroma. Sure it’s not as AAAA as you’d find in the $60 category but nothing I’ve tried near the Pure Sunfarms price range compares.



I want to give this +5 points for the price point, there may be better bud for a lot more money, but nothing in PSF Pink Kush’s price range even comes close. 

Total Score: 25/25

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