The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Peggy's Pride Strain Review

Oct 8, 2020

Strain Review: Peggy’s Pride

Reviewed by Burlington's Hunny Pot Budtender, Blake!

Msiku is a new producer with an equally new approach to legal cannabis. The company is majority-owned by Indigenous partners and is based out of Nova Scotia. Msiku, which is pronounced m-see-goo, means “Grass” in the native tongue of Mi’kmaq. The cheeky name is a reflection of the inherently humorous Mi'kmaq language and culture.

Brand Name: Msiku

Strain Name: Peggy's Pride

Strain Category: Sativa

Method of Consumption: Bong/Joint

Would you buy again?: Yes!

The first thing that stands out about Msiku is that they take growing quality cannabis very seriously, of all the 4 strains Hunny Pot Burlington received, not a single one was below 22% and the highest came in at 27%! 


Appearance 4/5

The packaging has a unique blue ring, although Msiku doesn’t seal their containers with nitrogen, the flower itself was seemingly well cured and kept fresh. The buds were dense and still soft, the moisture content being sufficient enough that I didn’t need to rehydrate this flower with a Boveda before enjoying. This is miles ahead of most of the other legal bud that I encounter which will come dry as a bone even with extremely recent packaging dates. If Msiku adopted nitrogen packaging they will no doubt inspire nightmares in their competition! 


Aroma 4/5 

The strain I tried was their sativa which is called Peggy’s Pride, it came in at 22% and is definitely something every cannabis lover can take pride in. The aroma of this cannabis is so much more satisfying than other producers who will often release flower with limited terpene content left by the time the flower makes it to the consumer. These terpenes are alive! I was able to find notes of Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool and Myrcene. 


Flavor 4/5 

I started off by trying peggy In a bong; it smokes smooth and the smoke was full of flavour, very pleasant and definitely at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to harshness. 


Cure 4/5 


Effects 4/5

The effects came on pretty quick, I found myself smiling and talkative, jovial even, but not energized to the point of anxiety and racing thoughts like other sativa can sometimes bring on. The strain itself is listed as a cross of Cookies which could partly explain the more giggly sativa high that I personally experienced. This high lasted for what I would consider to be a medium duration and didn’t cause me to experience any kind of burn out or post session fatigue which was wonderful as sativas often provide me with a mild headache during and after smoking. 


I would highly recommend this product to anyone who identifies as a lover of fine sativas, Peggy doesn’t disappoint!


Total Score: 20/25

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