The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Pedro's Sweet Sativa Strain Review

Sep 17, 2020

Strain Review: Pedro’s Sweet Sativa

Reviewed by Burlington's Hunny Pot Budtender, Blake!

If you are looking for well grown, flavorful bud look no further, my good friend Pedro has you covered.

Brand Name: Color Cannabis

Strain Name: Pedro's Sweet Sativa

Strain Category: Sativa

Method of Consumption: Bong, Joint

Would you buy again?: Yes!


AROMA: 4/5

Calling this strain “Sweet Sativa” is actually pretty modest, it is PACKED with flavour, sweet and fruity aromas woft out of the container upon opening. The nugs themselves are dense and covered in beautiful trichomes. Pedro’s Sweet Sativa is delicious to all the senses, doubling as eye candy when held under a magnifying glass for further inspection


But you can’t just look at Pedro all day, you gotta smoke him, vape him and if you have a rosin press at home: Squish him! I started with a couple medium sized bowls through a sparkling clean bong, the percolators of the water pipe broke up the smoke beautifully. The smoke of Pedro is incredibly smooth and oh goodness the flavour! Sweet berry and herbal notes embrace the pallette as the smoke is exhaled.


Flavour is great and all but I truly do love the effects of Pedro’s Sweet Sativa; for me it was felt almost immediately upon exhaling; a tingling in my brow and an undesirable urge to smile. This strain was great for conversation and general merriment, I found myself full of energy to tell stories and an even better than usual listener be the – this will ring true so long as sativas don’t make the user nervous- after some bong bowls I let some friends roll joints and together we had a socially distanced sesh with our new best friend; Pedro the tasty and sweet sativa!


CURE 4/5

I highly recommend inviting Pedro to your next socially distanced gathering, he will no doubt be the life of the party!

Total Score: 22/25

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