The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Edison Strain Review

Oct 21, 2020

Strain Review: El Dorado

Reviewed by The Hunny Pot Budtender, Russ!

El Dorado is a great mild flavored indica with a surprisingly heavy effect. Great salad strain with a warmer note. It didn’t hit very hard at first but when I took a walk 20 minutes after smoking I stood in the elevator for a good 30 seconds before I realized I wasn’t moving and remembered to press the G button.

Brand Name: El Dorado

Strain Name: Edison

Strain Category: THC Dominant Indica

Method of Consumption: Vaporizer / Papers

Would you buy again?: Yes (my favorite Edison flower so far)

AROMA (4 / 5)

This bottle of El Dorado produced a warm, homey smell. Reminiscent of the first smell when walking into a wood cottage after winter, like cedar and moth balls – but in a good way. Very nostalgic.

Post grind scent – crushing it up brings out that warm, cottage smell a bit more but not by much. An herb-like smell is added to the mix and is very similar to pizza seasonings like oregano and thyme.


The bud does have a very dense structure but it’s hard to tell from a 1g package. From the few small nugs that I got, I would say it’s a pretty decent looking strain. Lots of shiny trichomes covered the plentiful orange pistils.

CURE (3 / 5)

In a joint it burned really well, which I assume comes from the dense bud structure that fluffed right up in the grinder. They did a decent job on their flush and cure as well because it was very smooth.

EFFECTS (3 / 5)

Vaporizer : This one didn’t really pack a punch but I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing, there was nothing immediate or overwhelming but it was slightly noticeable. I think this one serves a different purpose than just getting wrecked; similar to coming home and having a single light beer – a single bowl of this one is less likely to be heavy enough to put a total end to your day like some others might. I did smoke it all day once and it did lead to a heavy burnout eventually so always remember how subjective an experience cannabis can be.

Papers : Not much different than vaping.

FLAVOUR (4 / 5)

Vaporizer : For once the flavor in a vaporizer was not as noticeable as in papers.

Papers : I’ve heard a few people refer to El Dorado as a “light beer” and I can confidently vouch for that. The flavor itself is relatively unimpressive; not the best, not the worst, but it is a really mellow overall experience which is nice sometimes. It is very much like a light, hoppy IPA in flavor and light effects.

Total Score: 18/25

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