The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Cold Creek Kush Strain Review

Mar 25, 2020

Strain Review: Cold Creek Kush

In this review, we have our Budtender Joyce, an original from the Queen St West Hunny Pot store giving her opinion on Cold Creek Kush, an Ontario greenhouse-grown bud by Redecan.

Uplifting but relaxing. A rare “Sativa-y” kush... really, a ‘true Hybrid'. The original cannabis genetics are a cross of MK ultra and Chemdawg 91, for the strain hunter nerds out there. Back in 2010, Cold Creek Kush seeds won 2nd place in the Indica Cup for the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. It’s interesting to have seen so many types of Legal cannabis come through that I had heard of on the internet and in magazines, but never had the opportunity to purchase from the legal market.

Brand Name: Redecan

Strain Name: Cold Creek Kush

Strain Category: Hybrid

Method of Consumption: Bong, Vaporizer, Joint

Would you buy again?: Yes

Appearance 5/5

I might be a little biased, but I’m a sucker for any bud with long red hairs. A pleasure to look at, these little light green nugs with sugary trichomes and long amber strains are definitely my type of bud.


One of my favourite things about Redecan is that all of their Cannabis flowers are not only dry trimmed by hand (winning!), but they hired a bunch of ex hair stylists to work for them, too! Such a thoughtful inclusion of skilled artisans means a properly produced product.


Cure 3/5

Unlike some licensed producers, all Redecan products are immediately bottled after trimming to have a more accurate “packaged on” date reflecting their freshness.


This company chooses to use natural pesticides in the form of aphid mites, such a cool way to keep it green! The growing technique they use; they start the clones in Rockwool then transfer to soil, makes a positive difference in the quality of growth. You can tell when you open a fresh jar from this company it’s gonna be a good smoke.


Watch out, this one can be overwhelming for the uninitiated! The THC for this batch clocked in at over 22% in the crop I enjoyed, and as a frequent consumer, I was very pleased with the strength of the buzz.


Effects 4/5

I personally found this strain to be motivating, uplifting, yet focused. I call it “a great Sunday strain” when I’m working at The Hunny Pot, the first Legal cannabis store in Toronto downtown.


I had just finished watching the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo show on Netflix and really enjoyed folding all my laundry in the new style. I felt motivated and had a real sense of accomplishment when my chores were done, I was able to relax and unwind on the couch playing some video games with my husband. Not any sort of professional recommendation, but I found it to be a great relief for pain due to my arthritis (I had a workplace injury a few years ago and now suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome).


Flavour 4/5

I had the pleasure of using this in my vaporizer, the Arizer Air II. In the vape, you can really taste the super piney and peppery taste. It tasted like breathing in the air after rainfall with a dash of herbs from the spice rack. I also had it in a bong bowl, and another night in a joint (pre-rolled cones only for this lady!) and all the flavours really come out when you smoke this one.


Super weedy taste, sour but spicy with a woody aftertaste. When I looked it up in our strain guide it looks like this hybrid really does hit nearly every major terpene! “beta-pinene, nerolidol, trans-caryophyllene, linalool and limonene terpene mix”. Budtender tip, those fancy words ahead of the basic terpene name basically mean it gets stronger. So for example, alpha and beta, as you go along the alphabet it’s getting more strong smelling (and feeling!).


Aroma 4/5

The smell to me was very nostalgic, it took me back to happy memories playing in the woods next to my childhood countryside farmhouse. It has a hint of the classic dank you’d expect from a kush, but with a lighter, earthy smell. Immagine, less basement, more forest, if you can!


An excellent score. One of my favourites to recommend to folks in our Cannabis store, hope you enjoy it!

Total Score: 20/25

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