The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. CBG Shiatsu Kush Strain Review

Jan 19, 2020

Strain Review: CBG Shiatsu Kush

Sean from The Hunny Pot here - sharing my experience with a pretty unique cannabis on the market; Whistler Cannabis Co.'s CBG Shiatsu Kush.

As you could guess, the main reason this guy is unique is because of the presence of a pretty unique non-psychotropic cannabinoid called Cannabigerol, or CBG. Milder on the THC side, this Indica-dominant hybrid was quite a stand-alone experience. I tried it out of a Glass smoking piece as well as in a joint - both experiences were pretty similar. If I were looking for a CBG experience again, I would for sure grab this guy again.

Brand Name: Whistler Cannabis Co.

Strain Name: CBG Shiatsu Kush

Strain Category: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Method of Consumption: Joint & Glass smoking piece

Would you buy again?: Yes

Appearance 3/5

As expected from a craft grower with organic certification, Whistler’s buds never disappoint. The Shiatsu Kush came in a few large, fluffy and airy nugs. Looking, in my experience, pretty similar to an Indica of the ‘OG’. Shiatsu Kush is wrapped in large orange hairs with trichome coated green material poking through. As expected from a premium organic grower, the trim job left nothing to be desired.


Aroma 4/5

Did I say this Cannabis was unique? Right out of the packaging I get waves of mint, sage and a strong sensation of…almost a Coriander? With Beta-Ocimene as the dominant terpene (very dominant – delta-limonene in a far second), it’s no wonder it was a stranger to my nose.


Cure 4/5

As expected from any certified organic producer, the cure wasn’t rushed and was done properly. A good percentage of LP cannabis in the first year of legalization struggled with a proper cure, but this was never a problem with any of Whistler’s products, and the Shiatsu Kush is no exception.


Effects 4/5

Calming and settling are words I keep circling back to – I just felt “better” without a heavy intoxication. Both physically and mentally I find myself feeling ‘lighter’ without the fog associated with cannabis higher in THC. I can maybe see why they settled on the name they did – its not much different than I have felt a few hours after a deep massage. As someone who enjoys a cerebral THC high, this wasn’t my favourite cannabis experience, but it was absolutely nothing to regret. If you enjoy non-psychotropic cannabis experiences, make sure to go e this a whirl.


Flavour 3/5

Taste-wise you get the typical Indica-y earthy/floral with a little bit of that strange coriander hit – I’d honestly describe the taste close to a plate of Thanksgiving food! Since I only enjoyed via combustion, I really can’t say I enjoyed the full taste this strain has to offer.


Overall, if you are into trying every experience cannabis has to offer, this has to be high on your list to try. A unique experience, as well as a well-grown and harvested cannabis.

Total Score: 18/25

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