The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Houndstooth & Soda Strain Review

Jul 30, 2020

Product Review: The Houndstooth & Soda

Reviewed by Burlington's Hunny Pot Budtender, Blake!

Cannabis Beverages are here in time for summer! Unlike traditional edibles that take 2 hours to take effect and last up to 8 hours; Cannabis beverages take effect in 15 minutes and the effects finish after 90 minutes. This makes them a great alternative to edibles when you don't have a full day to dedicate to them!

Brand Name: Tweed

Strain Name: Houndstooth & Soda

Strain Category: Beverage

Method of Consumption: Edible

Would you buy again?: Yes

The Houndstooth & Soda by Tweed has 2MG of THC per can but are weighted as just over 5 grams so a customer can buy 5 at a time. 


Houndstooth and Soda is very simple but very delicious; it is a combination of soda water, cannabis oil, and terpenes for flavour. I really love the balanced smell and taste of houndstooth; a blend of piney spice with gentle earth undertones coupled with a mild floral aroma and almost no cannabis taste whatsoever.


I love this product for a number of reasons; firstly it has zero sugar and is delicious, refreshing and easy to drink. Secondly it comes in a beautiful  black can that is both sleek and eye grabbing; making it an ideal beverage to bring to gatherings as a conversation starter!


If you are concerned that 2mg of THC is too low for your tolerance; have no fear, you can increase the potency  by adding  additional products like THC oil or dissolvable THC powders to your tasty beverages.


Looking for a new fun and refreshing way to consume cannabis? Beverages might be just what you’re looking for!


Total Score: 23/25

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