The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. OS.HASH10 Strain Review

Aug 20, 2020

OS.HASH10 By Original Stash

Reviewed by Burlington's Hunny Pot Budtender, Blake!

Week after week of budtending I have had no choice but to break a harsh truth to customers, that truth being that we don't have any hash man. To all the folks who I disappointed in the past; this is a new week ... we have hash!!

Brand Name: Original Stash

Strain Name: OS.HASH10

Strain Category: Hybrid

Method of Consumption: Hot knives style with a dab rig, Joint

Would you buy again?: Yes


Yes you read that correct; legal hash is available at your local Hunny Pot! And it is good stuff
too, traditional in appearance to the hash you grew up with.




Dark brown in colour and very dense, this hash looks and smells just like what I had been
dreaming of for so very, very long. I LOVE HASH, L-O-V-E Love, seriously!



There are a million ways to consume hash, I kept it to a couple of my favorites but if you want to
learn other ways to enjoy this wonderful product please don’t be afraid to get creative!
I was really close to trying hot knives but decided that a glowing red quartz banger would serve
as a more modernized and safer equivalent of the classic method of consuming hashish.




I broke off a little piece of hash and dropped it in the banger and capped it, soon the piece
began to smoke and glow. As I inhaled,the rich flavours of the hashish filled my senses, it took
several full lungfuls of the delicious smoke before the piece had been spent and only ash
remained. These tokes were super smooth, evidence of a great product.


CURE 5/5




You feel hash, that’s why I love it so much, it delivers a powerful body high while still allowing
the user to maintain mental clarity albeit a much more relaxed mental clarity. For me, I could feel
it in my face, or more accurately I couldn’t feel my face for several minutes after smoking the
Original Stash Hash, perfect!


I decided to roll a joint and line it with little specks of hash. With a smile I invited my roommate to
share this joint, we’re quarantined together so sharing is okay.


His eyes soon widened after the first pull as he asked what the heck I had put in that joint, Hash
my good sir!


If you enjoyed hash back in the day; the original stash Hash is a must try! It is strong, quality
hash at a very respectable price.

Get yours today!

Total Score: 22/25

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