Dec 19, 2019

In Review: Utillian 722 Vaporizer

Hands-on with the next evolution of Utillian convection vaporizer – the Utillian 722


Hey everyone, Sean from the Hunny Pot here with a quick review on the Utillian 722 – the ‘new and improved’ version of their 721 model, Utillian’s intro convection vaporizer. This guy seems geared towards folks who still want the flavour and smoothness offered with a convection vaporizer, while still needing it to blend in with their daily life – both in the sense of style (you would hardly look twice at this thing sitting in a briefcase or on a shelf) and in the sense of convenience of use (no need to sit down a make an activity out of operating this beauty).


I was a big fan of the 721 for a few reasons: it’s convection, which is just so much more superior of a vape experience, it’s incognito (doesn’t light up and sound like R2D2 and is simple and fast to use), and it’s got legs – by that I mean it’s battery and it’s overcapacity allowed for an actual decent sesh or two on the go with no fuss. And the Cola-nug-on-top of it all is that it comes standard with a ‘wax canister’ for vaping concentrates, which I really dig because you can preload them, drop it in, and pop it out to switch back and forth between flower.


So obviously when I had the chance to test drive the 722 for a few weeks, it was an automatic ‘hell yeah’. When I first frantically clawed my way into the box like spoiled stoner I am, the updated look is obviously the first thing I noticed. It’s got a few more sharper angles and gone is the matte rubbery finish on the vertical edges. It now looks more suited for a Bruce Wayne’s jacket pocket than Batman’s toolbelt. Besides that, it’s pretty much the same size (if not a touch chunkier – must be that new battery) and function. Feels good to hold, but isn’t a pain in any jacket pocket (or even a bigger pant pocket, honestly).


Anyway, let’s get at ‘er!


Temperature Control: 3.5/5


Boost mode, engage! Besides the pretty standard 4 preset temperatures, they have added a boost mode to allow you to vape at a higher max temp for your desired time. I love me a good boost mode, and this one works great. If you’re not looking to explore the flavours and just want a nice big, cloudy, full-spectrum (vaping all the compounds in your flower at once) hit, then hit that boost mode, which reaches around a decent 225°C, and enjoy the punch. As for the presets, the 4 pre-programmed temps are enough for you to dictate your vape density and even pick out a few terpene flavours without being an overwhelming amount of choices (the stoned don’t do well with too many choices while on the go, I find) or a phone app or small screen to fumble with. While it doesn’t give you the flexibility of a settable temp vape for exploring different flavours and densities, I’ve never really needed more than 3 or 4 out of my “on the go” vape anyway.



Physical Quality: 4/5


Quality? Not a complaint here. One easily reachable button, convection oven, it’s rocking a very respectable 2300mAh battery, it comes standard with a wax container to pop right in, the straw folds away, and it’s built like a filing cabinet from the 50s – solid and dependable.

How does it work?: 5/5


The 721 and 722 both feature super straight forward controls (possibly the easiest to use for a convection vaporizer) with 5 button taps to turn it on/off, 2 taps to change temp, and holding the button the engage the boost. With about a 30 second heat-up time from cold, combined with its ease and low-key look, this is perfect for popping out and sipping on while walking between errands. Plugs in and changes via a micro USB port on the bottom, and opens magnetically for one of the easiest cleaning experiences ever.


Getting into the meat and potatoes of the thing, we can’t ignore the convection oven. Convection vaping is when the air is heated before entering the chamber holding the cannabis, thus delivering an even cook. Conduction vaporizers directly heat up the walls of the chamber, meaning the flower in contact with the walls may be burnt and the flower in the middle may go untouched. You are much more likely to get burning with conduction versus convection, and temperature control is a lot less precise.

For a straight forward, introduction level convection unit, this baby works beautifully.

User-friendly: 3.75/5


Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The whole thing opens right up (held together by a strong magnet) and has a nice big oven for loading your flower into. I can comfortably get about a half a gram in there without overfilling. Remember, you want it tight enough to not fall out when you turn it upside down, but still have some room for airflow! Turning it on and off is as simple as 5 clicks of the only button. The only light will glow while heating up, which took on average about 30-45 seconds, depending on the temp. Once the light goes solid, you rip into that sucker (no need to hit the button – just sip the vapor). Doesn’t get much easier than that. Charging it is just like a cell phone, with a micro USB port on the bottom. As for the wax canister, it works great. Loading it is a bit more involved (don’t worry – it comes with tweezers and a dab tool), but it’s an easy transition between flower and concentrates.

Vapour Quality: 4/5


I’m not often a man of few words, but: it’s great. Plain and simple. Convection ovens avoid most chances of burning or singeing any flower, and it’s an even vape and much more smooth experience. A good convection vaporizer should feel like inhaling little to anything in comparison to the exhale. The vapour path in the 722 is short as in most convections (as the work is typically done underneath the oven chamber), so it’s basically just the plastic straw itself. It’s not my favourite material for a mouthpiece, but I can’t say it’s ruining any part of the experience.


Battery: 4/5


2300mAh is a good amount of horses under the hood. She goes. You get a straight solid 60-minute session out of the thing, meaning the average person won’t be charging this more than daily. I do personally prefer vaporizers that have removable and interchangeable batteries, which in essence can make their battery life indefinite.


Portability: 5/5


Having a larger battery means often not having to lug around a charger, so that’s a plus right off the bat. It doesn’t require any extra tools if your just vaping flower, and it’s mouthpiece folds away neatly for speedy pocket insertion. It’s not heavy and fits comfortably in most people’s hands.


Stealth Factor: 4.5/5


No noise. No screen. Only one light. Matte finish. Sleek yet basic look. No smell when it’s not being inhaled from.

(It’s only not getting a perfect score because it can’t be completely concealed in the palm of a hand.)


To wrap it up, this beast scored 33.75/40, or 84%. For a sub $300 convection vape, that’s heckin’ impressive. For a unit that fights in the convection weight class with the likes of the crafty from Storz & Bickel (why are the Germans do good at making things!?), The Firefly v2+ (beauty unit, but that’s darn near $400 a pop), the Ghost vape, etc, that’s a score to brag about. Pretty much anyone I know looking to pick up their first convection vape is getting one of these puppies slapped in their hands – well they’ll have to get their own because they ain’t getting mine.


Be good or be good at it,





  • Convection at a bargain

  • Concentrates canister included

  • Boost mode allows for heavy hits

  • Stealthy, straight to the point

  • Easy to open and clean



  • Plastic for the mouth-piece/pathway instead of glass

  • Battery not replaceable

  • No rubber edging, means more scratching

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